Why I left WoW for FFXIV (FFXIV Gameplay/Commentary)

Why I left WoW for FFXIV (FFXIV Gameplay/Commentary)

I don’t really think so. WoW is going for a cartoony style and it’s doing it very well, if you look at current content ofc, while ffxiv goes for an alot more realistic style but still stylized. Does ffxiv look more realistic? Yea, does it look better than WoW?

I agree with you Thamriyell, but Right now the most of the End-Game community is hella cancerous , almost most of the people that reach the end Game is a bunch of pricks, it feels like all the turds from WoW moved to FFXIV . But God damn the people in community used to be The most friendliest people.

Yeah, it’s not like you’d be behind 6 expansions like in WoW. And the game isn’t streamlined like WoW is either, so you can still enjoy a lot of content while leveling without worrying about reaching max lvl asap.

Man. Naruto has had a place in my anime watch list for a long time. But it’s really annoying how every one acts like Naruto invented the hand sign thing. It’s been a thing for ninja’s long before Naruto came about. Naruto made it such a heavily recognizable thing but now it’s seen as “silly” or “Embarrasing” Thing to talk about from a game.

oh god no, don’t remind me of Magicka. I remember I made a spell that was just as hazardous to me as it was to the enemies; if I remember right it was ice,cold,shield,lightning,arcane and it was stupidly powerful and volatile. Regardless, WoW really has fallen since I stopped playing.

I am really sorry that happened to you but in all honesty, this is true for every MMO, heck every GAME, there will always be douchey players. Don’t let them ruin your fun. I actually almost did that today, I’ve been leveling a tanking class and I got blamed for a lot of the healer’s mistakes and I almost quite playing MRD…but then I said “Nah! Fuck it! I like playing MRD! I don’t give a fuck what they think, gonna rick rattle and roll!” and so I kept going.

and you can call me a hater. I started ff14 back when 1.0 launched. the content just sucks. I rather player 11 because it’s jib system is unique cause you can tank with some mage jobs. for instance RDM vs gods and HNMs.

summing the video up. WOW is old, shitty, repetitive, and a boring. this game is new, better mechanics, graphics, better storyline, etc etc…..WOW is horrible, the only reason its not dead its because of the psychological suppression they place on their clients. do you really wana stop playing a game you been PAYING 15 a month for several years, and dedicated time and effort to? lol the game isnt good, but it took players so much effort to get to where they are and money, that they dont wana give it up as easy as they would with a game that doesnt require so much investment.

the thing is, there comes one point where you start loving wow. i stoped and maybe I’ll join the next expansion. i understand what you said and it is sad. i have invested thousands of hours. but still raids and pvp are still interesting because you interact with people and mechanics. so there are stuff to do. wod was boring and easy. and because of that you could level the gear of every character very easily. there was no fear of dying, that was bad for me for pve, and that is a big community.

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