Warmane The Gurtogg Bloodboil Basic Guide

Warmane The Gurtogg Bloodboil Basic Guide

Gurtogg is ordinarily the 5th boss that guilds encounter inside of your Black Temple. He could be accessed immediately after defeating Supremus having said that, although most guilds choose to try him after defeating Teron Gorefiend. What makes Gurtogg various than the fights prior to him is the sheer amount of raid healing that is definitely important so that you can succeed. A lot of players have complained that Gurtogg requires too a great deal class stacking and that particular classes are purely superior in this fight, while other people are extremely lacking to the point of getting a liability. A lot more specifically, rogues and holy priests are invaluable to this fight whilst mages are a massive liability for guilds just studying ways to do it. Regardless, with the suitable setup and lots of healers, you might quickly make your way previous this boss. Gurtogg has two phases and 5.6 Million HP.

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Raid Composition:
Tanks: three
Healers: 9-10
Melee: 5
Ranged DPS: 7-8

Phase 1 Skills
In phase 1, Gurtogg uses his Bloodboil ability five occasions. This phase lasts 60 seconds: 10 seconds prior to the very first Bloodboil, and 10 far more seconds after each Bloodboil. Phase 2 starts ten seconds right after the 5th Bloodboil when he casts Fel Rage on a random raid member and aggroes onto that raid member for 30 seconds. Following that, he returns to the major target on his threat list and phase 1 begins once again. The fight continues in this 90-second “loop” till Gurtogg is defeated.

Bloodboil – A harm with time (DoT) which ticks for 600 physical damage each and every 1 second, for 24 seconds. This harm is lowered by the resilience and also the Warlock talent Shadow Embrace.
Acidic Wound – Applies a stacking debuff to the current Primary Tank every two seconds, which lasts for 60 seconds and is refreshed every time a new stack is applied. Reduces the armor on the tank by 500 and ticks for 250 damage per stack, stacking up to 99 instances. Because the Acidic Wound dot is classified as Nature damage, it can’t be removed by any implies like Blessing of Protection, except for total invulnerability skills like Divine Shield, Iceblock, and so forth. This capability is usually avoided (dodge/parry/miss), slowing the speed at which the tank’s debuffs stack.
Eject – Disorients the current Major Tank (related effect to Hunter’s Scatter Shot), causing him to drop aggro for 5 seconds.
Knockback – Knocks the existing Main Tank back, lowering his threat.
Arcing Smash – A potent melee cleave attack that strikes all targets straight in front of your boss. It hits for about five,000 damage in phase 1. He makes use of it about when each and every ten seconds. In contrast to most boss’s “cleave” skills, the area of impact of Arcing Smash is very smaller (about 3-4 yards). In phase 1, Arcing Smash will normally also apply the Acidic Wound debuff, refreshing the stacks of tanks which are hit by it.
Fel Acid Breath – Nature debuff applied in a wide cone in front of the boss, with a moderate range of about 10 yards. Bargains roughly 8000 nature harm over ten seconds. Resistible. In phase 1 Gurtogg will turn to cast this on a random target in melee range (such as pets), producing your melee DPS and any casters who uncover themselves as well close susceptible to this dot.

Phase two Skills
Arcing Smash – A potent melee cleave attack that strikes all targets directly in front of the boss. It hits for about 12,000 damage in phase 2. It also applies a “Mortal Strike” debuff that lasts for 6 seconds and reduces healing effects by 50%. He seems to only do that once or twice throughout every Fel Rage.
Fel Acid Breath – Nature debuff applied inside a wide cone in front of your boss, having a moderate range of about ten yards. Deals roughly 8000 nature harm over ten seconds. Resistible. For the duration of phase two, Gurtogg will only cast this on the Fel Rage target.

Fel Rage – Places this 30-second debuff on a seemingly random (not applied to warriors) raid member just about every 90 seconds. Gives players affected by Fel Rage the following effects:
increases armor by 15,000
increases well being by 30,000
increases healing completed by 100%
increases harm done by 300%
increases size by 100%
Gurtogg himself will also get Fel Rage at this point, which can be buff on himself that increases his harm completed, and stacks greater and higher more than the course of phase two. By the time the Fel Rage is practically over, Gurtogg’s melee damage is going to be exceedingly higher, enough to promptly gib a typical tank in the event the Fel Rage player dies. During Fel Rage, he will only attack the raid member with all the Fel Rage debuff, until they may be dead or the Rage has worn off. Gurtogg is incapable of Critting for the duration of Fel Rage.

Acid Geyser – Applied when phase 2 begins, this potential targets the Fel Raged individual and offers 5k nature harm to that particular person and all raid members inside 5 yards of them.
Insignificance – All skills employed when this debuff is applied result in no threat. That is cast on the complete raid in the start off of Phase 2. The target with Fel Rage is not going to show as obtaining Insignificance, but nonetheless, their actions in the course of phase 2 won’t influence their threat level. This potential is resistible! Be cautious to ensure that you may have Insignificance before going all DPS on Gurtogg in phase two.

Encounter Enrage Timer:
Berserk (Hard Enrage): – Following 10 minutes Gurtogg will go berserk, giving him a 500% harm boost plus a 150% attack speed boost, killing the whole raid in Pretty brief order.

RHG=Ranged/Healer Group MT= Main Tank OT= Off Tank M= Melee
Phase 1 Positioning

The raid layout is quite exceptional for this fight in that each and every single ranged DPS and healer stacks on leading of every single other throughout phase 1, except when it is actually their turn for blood boil. Gurtogg is held in the middle of the opposite location from the Bloodboil to be able to establish an even maximum distance for blood boil to reach it is targeting. Fairly merely, when it is someone’s turn to take blood boil, they move into the water region by taking a few steps back. Immediately after getting their debuff, they move forward into the ranged/healer spot where they may be healed up. Immediately after the 5th Bloodboil goes out, players must spread out so that you can not cause massive splash damage around the raid from the acid geyser, the ability which is automatically cast around the Fel Rage target. This can be explained in the strategy section of your guide.

Phase 2 Positioning:
Phase 2 has no exact positioning as a result of the village. However, this doesn’t imply people today require not worry about exactly where they stand. Whoever receives the Fel Rage debuff should Swiftly move out from the raid, even though not turning their back to Gurtogg. This player Need to positioning Gurtogg’s face towards the outdoors on the raid or he will cleave and AE the raid, that will surely outcome inside a wipe.

The key gist of this fight is making certain that the raid has an operating blood boil rotation and that DPS does not pull aggro off in the tanks as they’re continuously losing aggro through knockback, or possessing to switch off aggro due to acidic wounds. Phase 1 is purely about raid survival when Phase 2 is far more so about keeping the Fel Raged player alive, whilst healing by way of the remaining blood boils, which there should really be two of.

Bloodboil Rotations:
What is seemingly the trickiest part of this fight for a lot of guilds is coordinating a functioning blood boil rotation. Groups have 10 seconds to switch positions for blood boils, which need to be more than enough time, and you will need at the very least three groups to take blood boils. The best solution to do that would be to stick all your ranged into three simple groups. We use group three, four and five. For those who wanted to make factors a lot more straightforward, use groups 1, two and 3. Now, there will probably be five blood boils per Phase 1, but only 3 groups, which indicates 2 groups require to assume two staggered blood boils. The method more or much less operates like this:

0:00- Phase One starts
0:10 BB1- Group 1
0:20 BB2- Group two
0:30 BB3- Group three
0:40 BB4- Group 1
0:50 BB5- Group 2
0:60- Phase Two Starts

The same group will lead off the rotation Every time. Thus, exactly the same group will take the 1st and 4th blood boil just about every Phase 1 cycle until the boss is dead. With this format, the 1st group takes the 4th BB, the 2nd group takes the 5th as well as the 3rd group takes only the 3rd. Offered that BB takes 24 seconds to fade, group 1 and group 2 WILL Under no circumstances have it stack on them, while they may have BB on them for 48/60 seconds of Phase 1.
Provided that groups 1 and two might be taking a lot more total harm, it’s finest to stack particular classes in these groups for survival purposes. In unique, holy priests are Wonderful as they can POH the group in case something goes amiss. Shadow priests are also enormously useful in these groups as their Vampiric Embrace will deliver a lot more gains in these groups as opposed to group three. Warlocks are also terrific classes to have in groups 1 or 2 as they can drain life and Deathcoil for the duration of phase 1 to help in maintaining themselves topped off. Stacking these classes wisely in the rotation will yield a great deal greater survival, that is what you are going to need to have to save so as to defeat Gurtogg.

Bloodboil Contingency Preparing And Survival Guidelines:
Though the flawless execution is Usually the perfect, occasionally poor luck just happens. What do you do when a player LD’s, get’s killed by Fel Rage or somehow magically takes two blood boil? Effectively, you strategy it out ahead of time. When you brought greater than 15 ranged/healers, which you’ll want to have, you have to assign your added players (usually the paladin and shaman within the tank group) to play backup on blood boil. These players can hold themselves alive without an issue and will save your raid when tragedy strikes.
Furthermore, paladins and mages can take away blood boil when will need be. This makes it possible for them to absorb an additional bolt for somebody else if want be. Paladins can even BOP the BB off of another player IN CASE A person GETS AN Extra DEBUFF. If a player DOES get an extra BB, they have to have to call out to get a BOP ASAP. Knowing this can save your raid.
Now, within the worst of worst case scenarios, you happen to be nearing the end of the fight and somehow you lost too numerous ranged, rogues or OT’s can fill in. Rogues can COS the BB off and OT’s who stand no likelihood at gaining aggro close to the end have a large adequate HP pool to absorb it without a problem.
THE ONLY WAY Somebody WILL KNOW To accomplish THESE Issues IS In the event you Contact IT OUT. I can not pressure how vital it really is to ANNOUNCE your death and get in touch with WHICH GROUP you’re a part of. Failure to do so will lead to an additional failure in correcting your error. Be vocal, don’t be shy simply because you died, went LD, or your house is on fire. Whatever the purpose is for an individual no longer becoming able to take BB, speedy, concise calls should be made in an effort to fix it.

Healing Breakdown:
Healing through this fight is much more or significantly less one of the most complicated portions to master. Throughout phase 1, there is going to be a number of active blood oils and huge principal tank damage taking place at a blistering rate of speed. Since blood boil effects five players at a time and these players must Normally be the very same group, priests circle of healing owns difficult right here. Should you have three holy priests, you are going to uncover raid healing to become really basic in this fight. In the event you usually do not, you are going to need to have some restoration shamans to help with this function. Generally speaking, it requires 3-5 healers on this job at all times. Moreover, at least two players will need to have to become healing tanks, and at least 1 may have to keep on the tanks with acidic wound DOTs going into Phase 2. I recommend applying 3 healers (two paladins along with a shaman for armor procs) through learning the MT healing. As your gear gets better, it is possible to do this fight with progressively much less and significantly fewer healers, all the way down to 6-7.
The real trick with healing is phase 2. It is important that at the very least 3-4 healers are preassigned to quit what they are undertaking when Phase two hits and to begin spamming the hell out of whoever has foliage. It can be vital that the healers Never ever cancel cast or let up on healing until Phase 2 is over, as Gurtogg can and will 1-2 shot specific classes. Though Phase 2 is beginning, the final tank to hold Gurtogg may have acidic wounds ticking on them and will require the attention of 1-2 healers plus the 4th and 5th blood boil rotation groups will continue to need to have 3+ healers spamming them to keep alive. As the blood boils conclude, the healers assigned to them want to start spamming the Fel Raged player as Gurtogg’s damage does ramp up for the duration of Phase 2. Once Phase 2 has concluded, healers will have to go back to their usual jobs and be able to take their turn in the blood boil rotation.

Tanking and Misdirection Rotations:
Tanking this fight needs a whole lot of avoidance gear and really a little of threat generation capability. Both play a sizable issue in just how much harm a tank truly assumes in this fight as the longer the key aggro target hold Gurtogg, the far more harm they may take, and the much less avoidance the tank has, the quicker acidic wounds will stack. More or significantly less, the player who currently has aggro must be the one debuffing Gurtogg with TC and demo. The other two tanks Must be functioning their hardest to pull from the present MT. When an aggro switch does take place, no matter whether it be in the knockback/Deaggro, the scattershot ability, or basically from a single tank overcoming the existing tank, the new tank Have to move for the main tanking position ASAP. The outgoing tank, in turn, moves towards the OT position. Much more instances than not, aggro will switch off due to a knockback, and not from any other cause. Tanks really should announce if they may be disoriented, or if they are knocked back on vent so that you can let the raid know what exactly is taking place with the threat, and if Gurtogg will keep glued to one tank, or go back for the disoriented a single. Failure to do so might bring about a lapse of heals potentially.
Misdirections- MD’s are an enormous challenge with this fight. It is crucial that hunters pay interest to which tanks are low on threat and focus as hard as they will on receiving these tanks back for the major of the aggro list. Hunters should use a specific channel or mods as a way to coordinate MD timing, or else they face the danger of stacking MD’s, which cancels themselves out. Tanks can assist the hunters by announcing when they happen to be knocked back and are low on the threat, or when a player is above the next tank in line and demands a boost ASAP to have in front of them. Playing your MD’s wisely will take you extremely far for this fight.

DPSing Phase 1- Use Caution:
Phase 1 will not be a race. It is actually Really important that your DPS comprehend this. If they treat it like a race, it truly is a near guarantee that they may pull threat out of your tanks sooner or later, which can quickly turn into a wipe. If ever you happen to be the second highest tank on threat, You should Quit Everything That you are Doing, as you could quickly get aggro by default at that point. Even though you happen to be third on aggro, you can get an unlucky but avoidable chain of events in that the major tank may perhaps get knocked back, then the subsequent tank up may perhaps get disoriented nearly ideal away, which indicates you the DPSer are now Gurtogg’s target. This DOES come about, so ensure you are Constantly beneath at the very least 2 tanks, and hopefully below all three, even though that becomes close to impossible nearing the finish.

Fel Acid Breath And also the Giant Juke Machine:
Gurtogg will cast Fel Acid Breath some occasions each phase 1 on a random target inside melee range. If it lands on the OT’s or even a pet, nobody needs to move. In truth, if it does hit a pet, it won’t even impact any melee or OT’s positioned within the cone at that time. However, if he targets a melee, that player Need to run by way of him for the MT position in order to lessen the damage from this capacity. It isn’t the finish of your planet for those who have slow melee and they can not seem to spend consideration, nevertheless, it certainly does not help at all. After the breath is completed, the melee who was targetted by it just needs to move back into his position behind Gurtogg. Correct execution will save the healers from obtaining to churn out tens of a large number of points of healing over the course of the fight.

Transitioning Into Phase two: age ticking, so they must spread out reasonably close to themselves. The third group can far more or less get totally away from absolutely everyone else. Should you fail to spread correctly, Gurtogg may possibly bring a
It’s significant that players do their greatest to spread out after the 5th blood boil but still keep close enough to their groups that they will obtain chain heals. COH includes a 20-yard range, so seldom does variety effect it. In unique, the 1st and 2nd BB groups will nevertheless have about the 5k acid splash on quite a few players, which includes the ten that are nonetheless affected by BB. If you are healing is lacking, and this transpires, you much more or less just guaranteed your very own wipe. Given that the 2nd/5th BB group is now near the back in the water location and nobody else is, they must spread out there. The 1st/4th group really should spread in front from the ranging region and the 3rd group need to basic move for the sides as they no longer require to become bunched for healing.
Melee is going to be fine if they’re stacked as they take virtually no harm outdoors of your RSTS Nature cone, which needs to be chain healed back to full from the Shaman MT healer, or perhaps a pally MT healer regardless.
Tanks have to Make certain all DPS Debuffs are on Gurtogg prior to Phase two, as they are going to make an Enormous distinction on how much damage the fuel raged player takes. 5 sunders, imp demo shout, and mix to have to be down constantly for the duration of phase two, no excuses.

DPSing Phase two
So extended as you didn’t resist Gurtogg’s Insignificance debuff, you might produce NO THREAT during phase 2, which implies you need to go all out on your DPS. This can be the time to dump your CD’s and BL’s on him. Don’t hold back it doesn’t matter what you do, as failure to do so will drag the fight on and exhaust your raid. If your raid is getting concerns killing him, you can pop haste/destroy pots and drums of war at this point in time so that you can assistance burn him down as quick as it is possible.

Felrage and you:
Felrage has considerably distinctive meanings depending on who it lands on. Some classes have good survival abilities, while select other folks just want to cross their fingers and pray. Felrage Cannot target warriors, whether or not they may be Prot or DPS. ANY PLAYER TARGETTED WITH FELRAGE Ought to REPOSITION GURTOGG Towards the PERIMETER In the RAID AND FACE HIM OUTWARDS OR ELSE HE WILL AE THE RAID. NO PLAYERS CAN STAND IN FRONT OF GURTOGG MINUS THE FELRAGED PLAYER OR They’ll BE CLEAVED. It truly is critical to note that Prot warriors CAN intervene Felraged players if they’re careful. Poor timing on intervenes can lead a prot warrior to take various abilities at once and can gib them for 20K+ harm.

Right here is usually a breakdown class by class on what you should do so as to reside by means of this.

Warlock: Use Deathcoil and spam drain/siphon life. Pop your Healthstone.
Hunter: Use Deterrence in case you have it, switch to aspect in the monkey for dodge.
Rogue: Pop Evasion and all DPS CD’s, visit town around the DPS. Use COS after he nature breaths you.
Paladin: Start off spam healing your self. Use Holy Shock.
Ret Paladin: Place on a shield, get started healing your self.
Resto Shaman: Spot your earth shield on oneself as soon as you possibly can. Blow NS on yourself, chain lesser healing wave on your self ASAP.
Elemental Shaman: Heal oneself for whatever you could. Use your NS to heal yourself near the get started of it.
Enhancement Shaman: Pop shamanistic rage ASAP, get a shield on, start healing yourself.
Holy Priest: PWS oneself ASAP, start out spamming self-heals. Keep renew down and flash oneself the whole time.
Shadow Priest: PWS yourself ASAP, remain in shadow kind, don’t go out to heal. Acquire W/E HP you may back from Vampiric Embrace.
Druids: Go bear type ASAP. Use frenzied regeneration on oneself. In case you are quick sufficient or are thinking ahead, Barkskin just prior to the commence of P2.
Mages: LOLZ Good LUCK. Switch to Ice Armor/Barrier if possible, pray.

Transitioning back to Phase 1:
Really uncomplicated, after Gurtogg finishes Fel rage, he will shrink and go back to whoever his principal aggro target was before Felrage. The MT should really pull him back to the position as well as the raid will have to when once more move their way back towards the centralized BB waiting zone. The very first BB group really should move to their spot ASAP and get ready to eat the very first a single. Start the entire thing back more than and rinse and repeat until he is dead.

And that may be all men and women, in case you have any comments, queries or issues, feel free to post them on the Raid guru Forums
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