Warmane Guide For Must I go Ally or Horde?

Warmane Guide For Must I go Ally or Horde?

Hey! To reduce a long story short, I’m fairly new to WoW. Been playing it on and off to get a year but never really got into it. Which can be to say that I by no means genuinely pledged my allegiance to any side either.

But the time has come. With all the new expansion putting a great deal of emphasis on faction identity, I consider it really is time for me to quit messing around on Alts that never ever get past level 60 and turn into loyal to a side. So far, as you might have guessed from the title, I’ve been leaning towards the alliance. Mostly due to the fact N-elves, Humans, and Draenei hold a unique spot in my heart. And I like their culture a tad bit greater than the Horde’s. Even though I’m much much more of a horde fanatic, to become honest.

I play on Silvermoon EU as I heard that’s THE server to be if you are alliance and need to PvE (which can be largely me, as I do not need to ever touch PvP honestly). But when I asked within the basic chat about the state of PvE on that server, I got a fair couple of replies saying that “It’s [email protected]#$” and that I should possibly go Horde, as most top-rated guilds are in Horde anyway.

My query is: Is it seriously that terrible? Should I pick up my orc shaman back up and go mainly Horde? Or are people today just whining and exaggerating?

I am sorry for answering within a way of the fairly well-known meme, yet “why not both”?

I imply if the expansion was far more or much less precisely the same for both sides it would not matter considerably to choose only one particular. Or in case you have a seriously limited time and need to max a single character not caring about the other, it could be a problem of selection certainly.

Having said that in case that you just have enough time to play no less than 2 characters from and get them through the lore content material, I consider it really is ideal to discover the view of each side.
For instance, in the event, you would play only Alliance within the Legion you’d find some further quest-line linked to Anduin, but you’d have no thought about being motives on the horde side or why they left during the 1st assault on the Broken Shore suddenly.
As you pointed out, the following expansion is much more divided in way of factions. In addition, it means additional exceptional quest-lines for each and every side.

In other words, take your very best picks of each faction, exactly where you really feel the most effective playing and get them to max level going via the faction precise story.

All above is needless to say for those who would be considering the lore portion. If the higher end raiding is your main aim and you want to prepare for it as soon as you can, you may indeed go back to the issue of the decision. Within this case perhaps choose your guild 1st and your character will comply with on the connected side?

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