This is an incredibly interesting theory

This is an incredibly interesting theory


Our airship is currently rank 17, we have all sectors unlocked up to and including 7. I’m not ingame atm and don’t know names off the top of my head but upgraded speed and surveillance to 2nd level. We can make 3 stops currently, I noticed that the order of the stops can affect the time on the trip. For example I went 5-4-1 and the trip was for 24hrs 35 mins, then tried 1-5-4 and it was only 23hrs 45 mins.

So here’s a question for the people having this problem, are the sectors there and just greyed out? I just went to deal with our airship and only grabbed 1 cereleum tank because I wasn’t going to send it out. Another member hadn’t done it in a few days and wanted to see it. Anyway, what I saw was that only sectors 1-4 were highlighted with 1 cereleum tank in my inventory, because the higher level ones require more tanks. maybe this will solve one or two of the problems some of you are having.

Unfortunately this hadn’t captured my attention before so I haven’t included this distinction in my notes up until now. So, I’m not sure which items from each sector are high-quality. It would also be reaaaally nice to do some testing based on stats changes to see if any stats influence high-quality or not! In your flight logs, will you look at which items have that distinction and let us know what you find?

This is an incredibly interesting theory! Will you continue to report that kind of information? And I’ll be keeping track of ours too! Wouldn’t it be interesting if discovering the sector required a specific route, for example, 5 to 4 discovers sector 7, 6 to 5 discovers sector 11, etc. If the discovered sector is within the proximity of that route, perhaps it was the “flyover” that did the trick! Will have to start looking at reports to notice similarities, its the kind of thing that is difficult to know without multiple people giving reports.

It’s only been a day! Due to the timing of maintenance, we didn’t get the part finished before sending our ship out again. So, I’ll let you know. Waiting a full day to get results before re-running an experiment may be totally reasonable in real world experimentation, but it’s sooo annoying in a game xD Gimmie delicious data now, dang it!

It’s a huge puzzle XD The sector discovery question is a tad convoluted at the moment, with some sectors unlocking through voyages which appears in the flight log, and this case where sector 8 is unlocked after finalizing the report.

I nearly have all the bronco parts ready to go in my alt FC, my plan is to not upgrade any parts and see how far I can get on just bronco. If surveillance or another stat is important I will eventually hit a wall. On the other hand, if it just starts to get slow because I haven’t upgraded anything that will let me rank up faster, but sectors are still being gradually unlocked, it would seem to disconfirm the idea that surveillance is important. Thinking about it a bit, seems a bit odd to not have some stat involved in finding sectors. Without that,wouldn’t it be possible to fully explore without upgrading any parts? I suppose you would eventually be limited by your range.

It makes it a tad tricky that forecastle upgrades both surveillance and favor, it might be that favor is important and surveillance is a confounding factor. If I do hit a wall, Maybe I’ll upgrade my Aftcastle to Enterprise before I add an invincible forecastle so that I can reduce surveillance by 12, to test favor independently.

Our FC is running a ship with all bronco parts except for the rank 2 hull. We’re currently rank 17 and just discovered sector 11 with a silver icon on the map. This might suggest that it’s more related to proximity and not stat related. Something else I noticed is that when setting up routes with the airship sometimes if I pick some high level sectors or too many locations it changes the color of the trip information and stars in the upper right hand corner of the menu. Perhaps because our ship component stats are so low this is an indication that the trip might not go so well? Has anyone else noticed this having an effect on the rating of the trip being taken?

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