There is nothing easy about getting the PotD weapon

There is nothing easy about getting the PotD weapon

My points about the BLM and SMN weapons still stand, and those are my main jobs. Right now if I “upgrade” to the PotD BLM weapon, I’m giving up 102 Spell Speed, and anyone who truly knows BLM understands how even a fraction of a second shaved off your cast time can mean the difference between dodging an attack and dying to it, or getting that refresh on Enochian just in time.

Now I’m working my way towards the lore weapon. I refuse to do the relic because I have better things to spend my free time and money on. Savage would be nice, if I could find a static that can run at an acceptable hour for me, which is difficult since I’m in an inconvenient timezone. Nidhogg EX? I’ll get back to you on that, once I’ve found people who aren’t going to rage-quit at the slightest inconvenience to them.

It also reduces percent remaining GCD (after Huton, Greased Lightning, etc.) linearly, or without recalculating based on itself, such that by the time you reach around a 2.0 GCD, down from 2.5, the same 25 Speed can reduce the GCD (at .01 seconds) by .5%, up from .4%. In other words, though its effect per point is linear, its weight is exponential, even if most of that potential is out of reach (some 1600 Speed to reach 2.0).


If you have issues to kill Nidhogg in PF then make a group with your friends and FC and if this doesn’t work then just do the relic. On the last patch for some classes where the lore weapon the best one for others only the relic (if we keep savage on the side), stuff like this is normal in FF and there is no reason to complain about it.

First of all, if I had enough friends and FC members to fill a group for Nidhogg EX, why would I even bother with PF in the first place? And maybe I need to make this clear, but not everyone has the time or the inclination to go do all the frankly asinine requirements for the relic. Just because something is “normal” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t complain about it.

But this is off the original point of my post, which was to say that a lot of the weapons for PotD, mainly BLM and SMN, have secondary stats that are far less useful to the job that equips them, while others have appropriate, useful secondary stats. Why is the reward for running PotD not equally good for all jobs? What kind of sense does this make?

I like it. I have all jobs at 60 and my static is still working on Nidd ex. So (since I’ve been bored with the game lately) it’s something to do that you don’t need 7 other people to work with. It’s easy, sure it’s repetitive, but so is fate grinding and hunts. You get decent eso from it so you can still work towards your relic. And i get weapons for jobs that I’m not going to get from Nidd or relic. So what if the secondary stats aren’t what you want. You said you don’t raid, why do you care so much. You can meld spell speed. And use spell speed food. There are ways.

There is nothing easy about getting the PotD weapon. There is nothing difficult about it either. It’s all down to RNG whether or not you get it in 1 run or 200. When you tie something like progression and acquisition to RNG this tightly, it becomes nothing more than a tedious, time-consuming slog. Which is tragic, really. PotD has some good ideas behind it. Too bad it’s all ruined by the RNG aspects, implemented to artificially pad out the amount of time you have to spend in there, for any sort of decent reward whatsoever.

Is it really so much to ask for content, dungeons and bosses that is fun to do, that has actual replay value, as opposed to being boring grindfests? I don’t judge games and gameplay by whether or not they’re easy or difficult, I judge them by whether or not they’re fun to play. Being forced to do the same things over and over like a robot, just because RNGesus decided to shit on you, is the exact opposite of fun, and involves no skill whatsoever.

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