There is a limit of how much a game can be saved on PS4

There is a limit of how much a game can be saved on PS4

Is the game down? I don’t see anyone playing on Twitch, but I also don’t see anything on the forums about the game being down or posts from other users about not being able to login. Please verify and point me in the right direction. Thank You.

Does it really matter? The game just went down a few hours ago. and will be down for another 19 hours. The new patch most likely won’t be loaded and available for download till usually few hours before game comes back up.

It sort of does… yeah . Cause if it isn’t normal and a bug or issue I’d like to have it fixed before the patch even goes live. As I said, with previous patches the launcher would still load to the log in screen. Now it doesn’t do that…

Same problem here. Went to run FFXIV and unable to complete the version check. also not seen this before and normally able to get onto the log in screen. It just stays on checking updater/launcher version and I personally can’t close that down…then it gives me the FFXIV boot error-unable to complete version check + a load of numbers.


Least you have a long time to download it again A couple of my other friends from different parts of the US have also told me their launcher does the same thing. Perhaps SE are doing things different and won’t even let the launcher load. Going to stay positive. If anything maybe one of the forum GM/admins will see this and let us know if its normal or not.

well, i keep checking every so often, i’ve gotten plenty of error codes including a 504 (meaning the server that the launcher connects to is down) but my launcher has finally come up with the standard “cannot connect” string, so I think the servers are getting closer to being ready.

There is a limit of how much a game can be saved on PS4. There are some files from all characters you have. Delete those file datas. Open space for the PS4 download more. I was 140/150 MB. There was lot of data from alt charas i made from a long time. But delete them and it will open space for upload/download.

I’m on PS4 and was also getting a version check error when i try logging in. Was wondering why the launcher update wasn’t automatically downloading before getting to the login screen. I tried a similar method to Munike’s above post and cleared out my download history from notifications tab and the launcher began the update the next time ran it. What an unlikely solution but if for those also on PS4, try it out.

I’m having the same issues with my version checker , although everyone says its due to the maintenance. But considering its taken 28 hours now i got to say this is highly inconveniencing, I only got to play 30 minutes after finishing the download and then updates before all this happened. Truly annoying.

It maybe due to a launcher version mismatch. My version of the launcher seems like it is old for a patch that was just released. 2016.02.08.0000.0001(1838941) is the value I got. Check the lower right hand corner of your launcher to verify your version. If this is really a new launcher the date code at the beginning should read something sooner than February 08.

I am so disappointed…paid for the 24 hours maintenance and all i get is a broken launcher that can’t even load the text or picture. I hope ppl who are having problems with the patching process continue to voice their concerns here before this thread get drowned out by yet another housing thread.

My version as well as the error code is the same as Raynar. I’ll admit my internnet isn’t the best because i am using wi-fi on my ps4. It took me an entire day to load the games and a second for the updates, combine that with the cost for both the games and the subscription its kinda a gutpunch to only have been able to play for 30 min. now not at all.

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