There are people who are extremely positive in FFXIV

There are people who are extremely positive in FFXIV

1. You go on about people ragequitting, except just a few moments ago, you were going on about bird farming… how does anything with bird farming have to do with a CLEAR party? It’s either a farm, or a clear party, and yes, a farm will have people experiencing burnout, that may be 5 runs for one person, or 10 runs for another, even 30 for certain people. At that point, if that person sits for a few runs (3 or so), and you’re not happy about it, blacklist them. Don’t waste breath complaining about them… next point.

2. Nerfed fights: There is no reason for mechs to be nerfed further than what SE will do of their own volition when it comes to the patches that nerf the duties (3.2 nerfing 3.0 content, 3.4 nerfing 3.2 content, 4.0 nerfing 3.4 content).

3. Toxicity: You used an example of i230 BRD vs a 7-man i240 party, that is largely fallacious. No one would ever kick an i230 BRD who can meet DPS checks and has clears. If they kick you, it’s because there is an issue between them and you, and I don’t think it would be iLvl if you’ve got the clears. In regards to the experience after taking 2 months of running content, you just put up a learning PF, or get into a Linkshell that has people who are willing to join you to learn duties, as well as farm them. The toxic people that say something along the lines of “No bonus Eso, no mistakes, 1 mistake = blacklist and kick!”, yeah, those need to be on your blacklist too.

4. LBR: As far as I can remember, LBR are very toxic, but I do remember at one point, Aniero, one of the guys running LBR, went onto Reddit and had a conversation with quite a few people after there was this whole campaign of him being toxic (and a lot of the stuff he said was extremely negative, I can’t list it in fear of being banned but it was extreme stuff.), and at this point, the best thing I can recommend is to just ignore it. If you’re on the same server as LBR, just blacklist them and cut them out of your life… same as point 3 and point 1… just don’t waste your breath on them. The more people ignore them, the less likely they are to stick around (but since they have friends of their own and fans and all that… yeah, likely not gonna happen for a while.)

All in all, what Zigabar may hold true for you. You’re probably looking at the wrong places (I mean, LBR… really?), there are people who are extremely positive in XIV, I have my moments where I may go a little out of wack, but I am first and foremost a mentor in the game, so I try my best to help before raging at people, and I still have a hand in the raiding community on my server. Cliche that I’m using myself as an example but it’s the truth.

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