The purpose of the Roulette has been subverted

The purpose of the Roulette has been subverted

I don’t mind it when someone is new and needs to complete it to advance their story, but I’ve gotten it 4 days in a row now, with no one new. Some people may like the extra ESO’s, but I don’t have any dire need for them personally.

Add the dungeon to the MSQ Roulette, and add ESO’s to that Roulette for those running it for their relics. I’d rather have variety and a chance at a dungeon pet or pieces of gear that would be nice for Glamoring, or crafting materials.

Instead of asking for it to be removed, how about you guys just leave the instance, take the 30m hit, and just queue for one of the other dungeons directly? If you don’t need Esoterics, which is the main attraction of Lv60 roulette (100 Eso, 15 Lore), then why are you queuing for it? You get more out of running Hullbreaker HM or Sohr Kai (40 per instead of a potential 45). And even if the 5 Lore was a make or break, just do a Dragonskin/Wyvernskin Map, or better yet, run Aquapolis or do Gnath tribes. This game gives you so many avenues for tomestones it’s ridiculous that people are complaining about a dungeon in a roulette popping up a lot.

I want a roulette, not a mindlessly boring forgone conclusion. regardless of it paying more Esoterics, the title of the Duty roulette is Duty ROULETTE. If it constantly spits the same dungeon over and over and over, it’s not a roulette, it’s crappy boring garbage.


If you que up solo you will be put into that dungeon where people are NEEDED. And since tons of players que up for this dungeon you will get it very often. What is your problem to understand it? Don’t you understand how this DF ROULETTE works?

If the roulette tells you it’s a roulette, it’s a roulette. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten Neverreap and Fractal yesterday and the day before, would I? Also, what Ilan said is true, if a lot of people queue for the same dungeon, and that dungeon is in the roulette, you’re obviously going to go into that dungeon… if you want Esoterics and not be in ARF, then queue for Lost City HM or Antitower and save the strife for later.

And these always go in streaks anyway. I had a couple weeks of getting ARF 4/5 of the time, the most recent couple weeks have been AntiTower 4/5 of the time. Ive had arboretum show 4 days in a row. Yeah, it sucks a little that there arent any chests inside and all you get is the Esos, but at least they upgraded them. I remember when ARF was part of the roulette and it was just for 50 Eso and nothing more. That was brutal to get over and over.

I run the roulette because I try to run all my roulettes every day. I run the roulette because it used to be fun to think, “I wonder if I’ll get Pharos Sirius HM, or maybe the Anti-Tower.” If I wanted Lore Tomestones, I’d run Hullbreaker or Sohr Khai. But I cap out Lore Tomestones easily just doing the Expert Roulette.

Right now, it’s not fun to run Aetherochemical Research Facility. It’s boring. The purpose of the Roulette has been subverted. There is no Roulette. It’s like an 80% chance of getting Aetherochemical Research Facility. I don’t want to take away people’s ability to farm Eso’s for their relics. Removing this one dungeon from the 60 Roulette and adding it to another Roulette wouldn’t suddenly diminish the number of Eso’s they get from running the dungeon. It just gives the rest of us the opportunity to enjoy the Roulette as it was designed to be.

They remove it and stick it in another roulette, suddenly every time you run that one it is always ARF. Return to forums and QQ again. Others have pointed out, most have caught on the ARF is the quickest way to farm up esos, so even more people are queuing it right now than before. You are right though, the thrill of “OMG will it be Anti Tower?! Will it be Pharos HM?!” sure was a high, the tension was palpable.

There is another Roulette where it makes more sense to be, a Roulette with dungeons that don’t drop loot. MSQ dungeons. Stick it in there. At least when queing for that, one would know they’re going ARF. They could que for the 60 dungeons and actually get something other than ARF, a dungeon with a chance at loot. I suppose another alternative would be to add loot to ARF, but given how often it pops up, that’s a bandaid solution.

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