The new dungeon gear drops BC2s

The new dungeon gear drops BC2s

I’ll be very surprised if Thav Silk isn’t from the highest maps, just like Dress Materials were from Peisteskins. I don’t expect it to be from desynthing, but maybe they’ll be nice and throw us stuff we can desynth to get it as well. Chances are that we currently cannot get it from desynthing, but in a later update, an f60*** fish will have it.

So, the new dungeon gear drops BC2s, not BC3s? Or do you mean the crafted stuff? I haven’t made it through the story yet, but anyone know if the items dropped by the new Extreme Primals are desynthable? Or HM, if those drop weapons? I’m really hoping that the new primal stuff is not desynthable, so in a later patch they can give us more Primal demis. There are no new demis at all in the game’s item list according to datamining sites, so if those items are desynthable now, chances are extremely high that they will not add those demis later.

I’m not that far in, well, anything yet. Despite this thread, I tend to just derp around in game and do stuff super slow xD How valuable are Holy Ramie Thread and Chimeric Felt? Are those craftable?


I don’t understand why they would “block” FC3s/BC3s. FC3s at least are now pretty worthless. BC3s are tanking as well. Having so many more ways to get them while not adding new things that require them really hurts those markets. I mean, there are a few new i95 Bright Primal weapons, but that’s about it for BC3s and those are pure glam.

We know from datamines that there are no new glamour-only items beyond the Spotted Spencer (from the new Odin-like FATE), the Thav sets (and we’ve established that the mats for them come from Dragonskin Maps), and the Wild Rose set (which is from Veteran Rewards). So there’s no reason to look for swimsuits – they aren’t out yet. The thing to look out for with FSH desynth is rare mats, high grade materia (some 2.4 legendaries gave grade IV materia, so more new fish could too), and, err, that’s it really. However, there aren’t any new “green” fish yet, and all interesting items have always been obtained from “green” fish. I suspect those will be 60** and 60*** fish that will be added in 3.1 or 3.2. Leveling FSH and CUL Desynth now will get you ready for when they do release new stuff, but it’s not here yet.

That said, FSH/CUL is the only desynth where you can send out a retainer for 10 high level desynthable items an hour, and where you want to do that anyway to level the retainer. I handed my wife a stack of 100 Ice Faeries at one point. She partook of the Tinker’s Bacon, and leveled like, 30 times in ten minutes. She’s ~150 CUL Desynth now, with little effort put into fishing. I’m 55 FSH and she’s 53 FSH and we only fish for the daily GC turnins right now. That’s some easy leveling!

And then my wife and I sat in Asah and desynthed one hundred items each, me desynthing “Dhalmelskin Belts of …” and her desynthing “Ramie Trousers of …” before we realized we were being dumb and there were better choices. The crafter/gatherer items were cheaper and higher ilvl. All told, we leveled about 10-20 each, and obtained several million gil in mats. We got back about twice the money we spent, but crashed the Dhalmelskin, Ramie Cloth, and Holy Rainbow Cloth markets in the process. But, now that we have much higher success rates than when we started, we can do it again and if we sell the mats for half what we sold them for before, we’ll still make at least 40% profit off of the sales. Especially if we use the better items. You can get up to dSkill 155-160 or so this way for LTW, WVR, and ARM.

I’ll update the guide when I get around to it. Most of our findings are recorded in the desynth database though. Basically, the c51+ items appear to have a flat 33% chance to drop 1-3x worthless grade 2 demimateria. The other items appear to be evenly distributed. When there were two mats, we obtained one mat 1/3rd of the time, the other mat 1/3rd of the time, BC/FC demimateria 1/3rd of the time, and clears about 1% of the time. If the item had 3 materials in the recipe, it still dropped demis 1/3rd of the time, but the rest were dropped ~2/9ths of the time. I suspect this is because the mats were all of relatively equal ilvls. I’ve long suspected that the drop rates for items from desynth were weighted by their ilvl, which is why you get so much fewer Hard Hippogryph Leather than Spruce Lumber when desynthing Bridesmaid’s Sandals. These all felt pretty equal, and the mats were pretty equal.

Also, our yields supported my theory that the number of a given item that you get is a random number between 1 and the maximum possible, each with equal probability. So, if you’re getting Battecraft Demimateria IIs from an item and it can drop up to 3, you get 1x 1/3rd of the time, 2x 1/3rd of the time, and 3x 1/3rd of the time.

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