The Birds of the Palace with their somewhat fast Revelation AoE

The Birds of the Palace with their somewhat fast Revelation AoE

If you get past those things (we had 16 of them show up in one floor and we had to do miracles to survive) then come the Birds of the Palace with their somewhat fast Revelation AoE that more or less kills you if you are not shielded or not a tank.

It just gets me worried for what comes after. I know floors 101 and beyond need a regular 4 man party like in other dungeons but these floors 70 to 100 are just traumatizing as to how hopeless it all is without a healer on point.

Yeah I’m hearing reports that 51+ is hellish. Now there was one person who said that who thought you needed a tank on the last two sets of original floors (I did the last with 4 healers easily before) so I take what they say with a grain of salt. But there are others who have had an experience more like mine who also are reporting this. This was a great way for players to level secondary dps classes. And I love going in by myself for a matched party and making whatever we get work, adjusting tactics where necessary. I’m sad to hear of mechanics being implemented that force a certain party makeup and it makes PotD not PotD any longer.


The biggest issue is that people get into 51 and above and keep trying to run as if it was lvl 1-50. That just won’t work. I finished multiple times with no Tank but I have to admit that with no healer it is a bit frustrating because the ubber (in their mind only) NIN’s and DRG’s seem to think that they are immune to death. I once wiped 6 times in a row before we cleared 3 times in a row. So team work is what gets you through 51-100 the gear does help as long as it is over 30 and it scales up pretty quick once you are able to finish floors, and clear bosses.

I keep getting people that are running 51-100 as a class with no job crystal. I have seen Rogues, Thaumaturge, Arcanist, etc. I called out an Arcanist (I wasn’t rude, I just said “really, no job crystal?”) and was basically told by the group to shut up because it’s casual content and they can do what they want. Excuse me for not wanting to potentially waste an hour picking up slack for someone who is missing half of their abilities…’s just rude.

If you work as a group and everyone has at least reasonably levelled gear, then you don’t need either a tank or a healer. I’ve run as SCH while levelling that up, and in the groups where everyone had decent gear (and by decent, I mean at least +60), I could pretty much sit in cleric stance the entire time, and keep Selene out since there was so little to heal I didn’t need Eos. Or Rouse. Or any other kind of big healing. Little topoffs from time to time and that was it.

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