Should A POE Beginner Jump Into Hardcore?

Should A POE Beginner Jump Into Hardcore?

We are huge POE fans here at, that is actually why you can always buy Poe orbs in our Hot Sale. But we also love to watch videos about the game. We recently watched a popular YouTuber who is relatively new to the game jump in with both feet to hardcore mode! Was she crazy or is she onto something here?

Hardcore Is Hard!
Well, it is called hardcore so what did you expect? But really, Hardcore mode can be brutally hard and a simple and honest mistake can result in you being dead before you even knew you made the mistake. This for a beginner, even if they have experience with MMO games can make for a frustrating experience. But once you get more skilled at POE. This kind of hardcore death can actually make the game more exciting and make you feel like a badass.

You Care More About Your Character
Most of us who have played Path Of Exile for a while now have probably created a ton of different characters. But in hardcore mode, you actually develop a deeper bond with your character. This is because the mode is so damn hard that you really do not want them to die, likewise, you will really start to appreciate your gear more as you will do anything to ensure you do not lose it.

So Should A Beginner Jump Into HC?
No!!!! While it is funny to watch someone on YouTube do this. If Path Of Exile is a game that you think looks cool (which is it) you do not want to jump in at the deep end. Once you get more skilled at the game, going back and starting a new hardcore mode can be fun, but we would bet that most new players will find it more frustrating than fun.

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