Seeing more of Estinien will be interesting

Seeing more of Estinien will be interesting

That’s what I get for writing up a post when I’m tabbing in and out of the game. Though you’re right – 3.4 did tip us off to Zenos being a bad apple but some of us were hoping it’d be bias on behalf of the Ala Mhigan Resistance who aren’t exactly known for their own pure and righteous morality.

On an unrelated note seeing more of Estinien will be interesting. Perhaps they can start setting up some of the other Scions to be replaced/retired by new arrivals to keep things fresh and keep the stakes high.

I actually want to pop the time-bubble partially for RP reasons because the bigger the discrepancy gets between how much time has passed in-game vs the real world the weirder the pacing of the RP events get. IRL, we had an RP event about two years back where a character lost her husband and then last month she eternally bonded with her new wife – in real world time, that pacing seems fine? But trying to fit it into the time bubble robs the first event of its weight ’cause apparently she wasn’t that sad after all, given how quickly she moved on.

My guess is either Paps, Yda, or her sister is on the chopping block to make room for new Scions. As much as people point at Nanamo as an example of death not mattering in XIV i feel like people forget that we lose two major allies to it AFTER getting her back. those three and Raubhan are all going to have logically important roles to play and other characters who could very viably step into there roles. At least one is dead by the end of 4.0 MSQ.


We can absolutely have a complete dick of a foe in Zenos, and still get the feeling that there’s much more the Garlemald than being an evil empire. In fact, having leaders like that portrayed as ruthless and other such unlikable characteristics arguably makes it easier for other elements of the enemy to garner sympathy or empathy without having to make those who are part of such a situation friends/allies.

Yeah p. likely, but what’s interesting to me is which of them are going to survive and stick around? A situation where Ala Mhigo ends up restoring the royal family as figureheads but the sympathetic Garleans continue to actually run things because they are good at that, that could lead to some really fascinating stuff. How would the other nations react to seeing Garleans wanting to join the Eorzean Alliance? What are the Domans going to think if asked to help the Garleans in their own rebellion against their Emperor? Stuff like that.

Cid wanting to bring the same level of Garlean tech to all of Eorzea and possibly all of Hydaelyn, as well as Lucia who is definitely devoted to Ishgard and now the Eorzean Alliance. I have a feeling these two could possibly be two very important key factors in our attempt at peace and even infiltration towards Garlemald and the Garleans as a whole.

Well, I’m sure he’ll elaborate himself, but for those like Theo, Cid and Lucia don’t count – they’ve betrayed their homeland completely, and thus are missing the “Garlean” aspect of “sympathetic Garlean”. The kind they want is somebody who is loyal to Garlemald but still sympathetic/likable (along the lines of Gaius), and/or something or somebody to blur the lines of their Evil Empire schtick.

While I don’t personally take any offense at Lucia and Cid for leaving their conquest-hungry homeland, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to this either. Shades of gray are always nice. That said, I think it’s much more likely that we’ll get sympathetic characters than see the Empire as a whole become more sympathetic.

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