Sea of Clouds was hurt pretty bad by the new timeframe

Sea of Clouds was hurt pretty bad by the new timeframe

Of course this could be just extremely Bad Luck on my part, but regardless of that I still do feel the Five(5) minute Duration is too short. Just by making a slight error in positioning causing aggro from a nearby creature, having to cast/remove stealth or even having to simply step away from the PC for thirty(30) seconds now has a significant impact on your Gathering haul.

The wikipedia page gives some examples that make it clear that an increase of 300% means its 400% of the initial value. To my understanding of and by have the same meaning here. An increase to 300% would mean its 300% of the initial value, which would be the correct wording for what they did.

I think the matron favor: Sea of Clouds was hurt pretty bad by the new timeframe. The gathering nodes are spread so far apart that with sprinting between short gaps/flying between longer gaps I can barely make 2 rounds around all 6 nodes, only 10 nodes total if void nuts are popping. Just seems like the nodes here are spread my more than other regions.

If it’s only been buffed to 300% then it’s an outright nerf on gathering haul, though you’ll spend less time on it at least. The only way cutting the time to 1/3 and increasing the spawn rate by 3 would work out is if there was no down time, which is actually most of the time spent as it happens. To even out the increase should be four or even five-fold if their intent was to allow people to gather more or less the same number of items but in a shorter time frame.


The set I only got 16 mats, for two favors I only got 1 mat, and the third I only got 2 mats. Luckily, the last two yielded 5 and 7 mats respectively. The nodes for this set were a little further apart, and as someone previously pointed out, the downtime moving between nodes is now even more significant.

People saying that the window is now too tight and if they aren’t getting as many mats as before because sometimes they “have to afk for 30 seconds”; I’m sorry, but favors now really require 100% focus, I don’t even reply to tells when the buffs active. If you have to afk for 30 seconds, this represents 10% of the buff time, and I don’t consider your results seriously.

“Increased by three times” is ambiguous too. Imagine that they made a less significant change and shortened the duration to 10 minutes and multiplied the spawn rate by 1.5 to compensate. You wouldn’t say “increased by half” and expect people to think that the new value is half the old value. “Increased by 50%” clearly doesn’t mean that either. But if “increased by 50%” doesn’t mean it’s been cut in half, “increased by 75%” doesn’t mean it was cut to three quarters, “increased by 100%” doesn’t mean it’s the same amount as before, and so on, at what point does it shift such that “increased by 300%” means three times the original value?

I’ve tried the other area with 60 nodes there as well, works a lot better IF you have a bored DoW/DoM to kill specific groundskeeper mobs so you don’t need stealth as much, though 2 pairsvof the nodes spawn concealed nodes at about a 10-12 sec flight. For voidnuts and black swan feathers I generally get less now cause a lot of time gets wasted stealth walking between crawlers and groundskeepers for nodes where as 15 min those 2 regions had a higher yield just from having more time to compensate for mobs. All the other areas are great though.

I suppose I should’ve clarified my gathering as I only count the Hidden Materials and not the Rare, because at this point it seems 3 Crafter Tokens for only 5 Vendor mats although HQ doesn’t seems worth it when you have a fairly good chance of getting HQ with just Normal Quality Crafter Vendor Mats( Purified Coke, etc ).

I would not have a problem with your e.g. if you used To instead of By. Increasing something by both X and Y do not give you the same result unless X and Y are equal. You can, however, increase something BY X, with the result that you increased that something TO Y. Edit – Somehow I read that earlier as both numbers being 300%, which would be incorrect in the manner I’ve described here. HOWEVER – the second should still be “to” rather than “by”. the reason is that the use of the word “by” means that you are still taking the base amount and adding whatever to it, in this case, the first is adding 200% to it, the second is adding 300% to it. Neither one tells what the actual total is.

English itself is less ambiguous than people use it to be. There are a lot of contextual meaning changes, but without that context (such as the patch notes simply making a statement out of the blue, the chance of the node appearing has been increased by 300%) there can be no such contextual meaning change.

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