Rose Gold Clasps feel similar to Aetheryte Rings

Rose Gold Clasps feel similar to Aetheryte Rings

It generally takes around from 5-10 seconds to hook a fish, and another 8-12 seconds to reel it in. Legendaries have a unique sound/animation on the tug so once you can ID that, you can cut out the 8-12 seconds reeling time by simply cancelling, then immediately recasting. You tend to lose a good amount of lures doing this – I went through about 24 yumizuno over 5 hours fishing sovereigns cast-cancelling.

Until someone confirms that, I call photoshop. There’s no way a tradable fish with such low requirements to catch will desynth to MULTIPLE Mastercraft Demimateria. Especially not when the Supra rod only takes one. Also, Artisan’s Spectacles and Forager’s Hats can only desynth to a single Mastercraft at a time. Only the Artisan’s tools and Forager’s tools can give multiple thus far.

Muh, it took around 15 combined hours for me to get one sawfish, only including the times its window was actually valid (clear/fair weather, daytime). If my sharks were any indication, he is probably like 2% chance off the wahoo mooch. In 3 hours of combined fishing I had 3 Frilled Sharks bite (well, 2 got away), so who knows. Just because I have the gear now to 100% Sawfish doesn’t mean the required RNG is any easier, so not sure whether you can use that as a basis for saying it shouldn’t drop mastercraft.


Rose Gold Clasps feel similar to Aetheryte Rings since on a success you can get back the most expensive material in the craft — a Rose Gold Ingot. You can also get Fieldcraft Demimateria IIIs from these. Required mats to craft are 1 Wind Cluster, 1 Fire Cluster, 1 Rose Gold ingot, 2 Darksteel Nuggets. As someone mentioned above, Astrolabe Clinometers should get similar results — Radiant Astral Eyes instead of Rose Gold Ingots and Aqueous Whetstones might be cheaper on your server than the Peacock Ore.

So, 22 successful desynths and you got 3 FC IIIs? That’s not too far outside my expectations. Out of 39 successful desynths on my part, I’ve gotten 8 FC IIIs. With my server’s prices for Emery (15k), that’s only 50k per attempt. With my numbers, that’s 250k per FC III, and with yours, 367k per FC III. In contrast, my data suggests the drop rate on FC IIIs on Artisan’s Spectacles to be about 14% (sample size: 100), and the mats for Artisan’s Spectacles run at 80k per Spectacles (the HQ Dzemael Tomatoes alone cost 5k each). That means that, using Artisan’s Spectacles, it costs about 575k per FC III, which is more than double the price with my numbers and 50% more with yours.

Also, yes, my math was taking into account the 70% success rate. On my server, HQ Dzemael Tomatoes are going for 5k each, making the relish cost 80k each (the shards are not cheap either). Summoning bells, in contrast, take only ~30k in materials (8k for Scheelite, 10k for Petrified Log, 4k for Scarlet Sap, 3k for Ferberite, 3k for clusters). Taking the 70% into account (and rounding up), that costs 43k, which is about half the price of the relish. Even if the relish has a higher chance of giving Demi IIIs (which is not what my experience shows), it’s a more expensive (and time consuming) option.

Also, random being random, we need a larger sample size to really get the correct yields. All my sample sizes are well under 100, which is hardly enough to conclusively say anything about the actual chances. Adding your results for Artisan Spectacles to what I have read elsewhere, that’s 140 attempts, 22 FC IIIs, giving a chance of 15.7%. The more data I get, the more the numbers are converging on the same range. I’m starting to think that there isn’t a difference between i90 and i70, even if i90 can give sets of 2s. However, on my server, i90 items are half the price of i70 items across the board. i70s tend to be about 100k each (artisan specs being the cheapest that I’ve seen at 80k), and i90 items tend to be about 40k each (summoning bells being the cheapest at 30k. Even with the 70%, i90s are cheaper. On my server. If your server has different prices, then do things accordingly. I gave a link to the spreadsheet I’m using to calculate costs. You can use it with your server’s prices and see what’s best.

That said, the Tane Mahuta is a tiny bit cheaper than the Madman’s Whispering Rod (about 100 gold with my numbers). I can’t find anything cheaper than that. I looked through all of the level 50 recipes, and they are all 4000+, where Tane Mahuta is 1800. So, my point that ALC happens to have the cheapest BCIIs still stands for now, at least on my server.

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