Purchased & Planted Twenty Three Thavnarian Onion Seeds on 6/1/2016

Purchased & Planted Twenty Three Thavnarian Onion Seeds on 6/1/2016

Issue: On 6/1/2016 I purchased twenty three thavnairian onion seeds- Prices varying from 67,000gil to 100,000 gil a piece. For a total of 1.73mil on the Market board (MB). I planted them the same day, and I’ve been fertilizing them as often as I remember too. Upon purchase and plantation, there was no notification about the server maintenance being 24 hours. That information was either posted on 6/2/2016 or 6/3/2016 (exact date and time unknown). After further analysis I’ve come to the conclusion that my plants will die because I won’t be able to attend to them for 24 hours (The duration of the maintenance period).

I am providing: proof of purchase, with date and time stamps. Fertilization logs for my effort to try to speed up the harvesting cycle before the maintenance. And Gil transfer transaction on the day of purchase, to prove that I had 1.73 mil to spare, and more ffxiv gil to prove that I could afford the purchase.

What I would like to see: In the unfortunate event that I’m unable to harvest the Thavnairian onion plants before the harvest, and then the plants die. I would like to petition for your help (SE). Possible solutions, (23 thavnairian onion seeds: 23 Thavnairian onions: Or reimburse me 1.73million ffxiv gil).

Proof of Purchase:

Gardening Activity:

Transfer of Gil between Characters on Day Of Purchase

Note: The picture I provided about “Transfer of Gil transaction on Day of Purchase” mainly depicts transfer of gil between my alts in there personal FC (I have 3 alts in there own FC so I can transfer gil/items between them freely). Dauntless Reborn had roughly 1.5mil on them at the time so I transferred 350,000 from a 2nd alt to him, then transferred 1.8ishmil from Dauntless Reborn, to a member of my main characters FC. Then they sent 1.8ishmil to Dark Intelligence through the mailbox (I figured it was slightly faster than me dropping from my main FC, then to pay someone 20,000gil to have someone join my alts FC, and so they could invite Dark intelligence into the FC, just so I could transfer gil. Then drop from the FC and rejoin my mains FC. (A time consuming process that is slightly annoying).

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