Pegasus Mount

Pegasus Mount

I would like SE to allow people to change the colour of the pegasus mount (multiple toned), possibly using some feed type items much like the way you can change your chocobo’s colour. I personally think the pure white version of the pegasus looks very bland, looks like it lacks definition because of how extremely white washed the body and wings combined are. You could of at least made the wings better shaded with darker tones and greater definition. As it stands now it feels like it a generic wall of white in my opinion.

For those who haven’t seen it, here is an image of one from a quick google search.

Let’s compare it with another winged mount, see how white washed one is compared to the other. One looks better defined, greater depth, more detailed and with vastly superior colour tone variation…while the other looks like a bland, generic white, low quality child’s toy in my opinion. One feels like they actually put a lot of effort and care into it while the other they just stuck a pair of lackluster white wings on the already existing horse model much akin to plopping a pair of arms on a Mr Potato Head.

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