ffxivtips : Developed by one Person, Novus Inceptio Will Enter Alpha in Autumn 2015

ffxivtips : Final Fantasy XV to be at E3 in limited capacity, next major reveal slated for Gamescom

Final Fantasy XV will arrive at E3 this year in a limited capacity, director Hajime Tabata revealed during today’s latest Active Time Event recording. Creating and releasing Episode Duscae was a major milestone for the team and as a “prologue” of sorts to the final release they plan on releasing information surrounding the promotion of

ffxivtips : Check out 4 Cabal 2 Dungeon Teaser Trailers

Until now, EST Soft has revealed 4 dungeons for the English version of Cabal 2. They are Frostrock Forest, Lupur’s Excavation Site, Hall of The Recluse and Heavenly Citadel. Take a look at their teaser trailers in below: Frostrock Forest This is the home of the Mongler race, whose influence extends to the outskirts of