Well.. If they are a Jack of All Trades.. give them a Chance at doing it… I’m thinking letting them do it more as an Off-Spec thing… Good for Single Targets (Or maybe better at groups) and then the other 2 stances are the ones that are the “Better” for them

I mean even back too FF1.. they could “Sorta” Tank but that was more you could Self-Heal though it and Sometimes Dodge attack i think? Been awhile…

It’s more to give them the Unique Flavor of being good at most things, not the master of one thing (Which is what they got dumped into in FF11 if i recall, constantly used for Buffing and not really anything else) They shouldn’t be forced into just doing one thing.. That’s what the other Roles/Jobs are for.

Red Mages are the Happy go lucky Swashbuckling Heroes who use everything they can to their advantage. Their Showmen and Flashy, Doing things to show they can and that they ARE the Hero.

This is largely to make them Narratively seperate from the possibility of bringing in Mystic Knights aswell, since there are hints that that’s a possibility. (For Distinction, Mystic Knights to me are much more Practical, they use Magic to enhance themselves and their combat abilities because they have to. Because otherwise they can’t keep up with the threat they have to deal with.)

I just told you xp is fixed… The only way (afaik) you can do any of the tiers again is to delete your save and start again. In which case you’d start on floor 1 at level 1. Only aetherpool stats carry over, and the chests for upgrading those appear randomly.

This sounds very similar to another video and also the class he says are in the same order as the other video not saying you ripping him off but if you did get inspiration from him at least credit him. The channel I speak off is VeryMerri, secondly you also use the same points and clips.

there’s a way it could, it possible with game mecs, but if all u did was swap hate with pet, it would be very underwhelming. it would be cool if it used 2 smaller axes or a whip, and if attacks were determined by which pet used. but then again most jobs play diff thanff11, so it doesn’t matter anyway. bst to me is more nostalgia.

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