more elder and experienced players would help the newer members

more elder and experienced players would help the newer members

Our fc has around 100 members, but only around half are active, so I’m not sure if we’re big enough for you. Most nights we have between 10-30 members online.

Even though we have members who do fcob, and others who do 3 and 4 star crafting, on the whole our fc is very easy going with a casual atmosphere. What I love most about our fc is the friendliness generally there are always people willing to help out, from story dungeons to ex primals and coil.


You can check out the website from the link, we sometimes post screenshots and links there, but it doesn’t get a huge amount of use. Not sure if our fc is as big and organised as you’re looking for, but feel free to drop by the house and say hello! I will probably be online from 6 or 7pm jp time.



I always assume in one FC, they has and alt on it so 50 is about right, and if more than half of it active it just enough. 10 is a bit low in my opinion but 20 -30 is a great number. Not too crowded either since it can be uncontrollable and too much drama.

I’m not hardcore player anymore, more into semi and casual. That’s good to know that your family are friendly to help others get through the content.I admit something, I need help with old dungeon content. Lately I can’t seem to be able do dungeon (DF) because my anxiety. I can only do it with my FC, but because my play time change, rarely someone is online and it really sad.

The website is also very important to me because I like browsing any information that relevant to the FC is very useful to see that the FC is still active and motivated by posting something on it. Even a screenshot if you can keep it uptodate it will be a great content. I’ll check your house someday (if I can create a character) and you won’t be know who she is, they could be a random passerby.

We are a semi and casual FC, the more elder and experienced players would help the newer members through content. Usually, we would shout in FC chat and see who we can pull along for dungeons, trials and events. Granted that, not everyone is always free to do content, so help is there dependent on the availability. So if you are one of us, just shout out and we’ll reply even if we are not free to help.

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