Melee lb is a mistake in any form of pvp

Melee lb is a mistake in any form of pvp


I think the vast majority of people agree that melee lb is a mistake in any form of pvp in any game on any planet in any universe, so moving on. I myself started healing in feast this season because we literally do not have any healers on the Chaos DC and i’m beginning to understand why, the game-play as healer is… clunky at best to put it nicely, the major issues being, in my opinion, is:

1. the delay on heals (from the time the cast finishes to the player the heal was being cast on actually gets his hp bar up) is unacceptably long (and that goes for bene, lustrate and essential too) when i finish casting a heal i dont want to see my dps die 1sec later because the server lagg / animation is too long and the heal never made it through in time, it works in pve but it absolutely doesnt work in pvp.

2. Animation delay on crucial abilities such as purify and attunement, OP covered part of it, but the animation delay on purify is surprisingly long for an ability of that nature, it should be INSTANT, not a “it will happen in 1 second” ability because then it might just be too late, same goes for attunement.

3. the damage and healing is, generally, too high, there are many ways to fix it, certain class nerfs, we all know which candidates that might be, flat healing and damage reduction, it has been tested in some other games, it works wonders.

Mechanics like limit break, culling time and heavy medal must be evaluated from a higher game mechanic standpoint. While flawed, they serve as stalemate resolution tools (stalemate resolution button anyone?) against unpleasant, dragged on matches or lack of participation/fowl play during matches. These mechanics can and should be improved, but cannot simply be removed without being replaced by something else. A real world analogy would be Judo where you are penalized for passivity or preventing progress in the match.

I’m sympathetic to the difficulty of balancing healers without bringing back what caused significant stalemates and discontent such as medica stacking and AST shield spamming. I think any changes should match SE’s current short term “modus operandi” to bring more player into PvP by easing anything that feels like a brick wall (looking at you queue times).

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