I’ve been working on other comics not related to FFXIV

I’ve been working on other comics not related to FFXIV

Hello lore-gurus!

As a formal introduction, I like to draw and FFXIV is one of those things. I want to draw a few fancomics. I casually dip into the lore, getting most of my info from the loreforum, since I don’t play games as I used to and I am not the most excellent player that’s there.
My time is limited, as I’ll be going into a really extensive program starting August 28th that will chew up a lot of my time. Might as well hammer what I’ve been aspiring to do now.

idea 1) It’s kind of sad.
Setting: Gridiania
My PC finds out her chocobo has malignant tumours, and goes on a small journey to return the chocobo to the elementals.
-How would I phrase the dialect in Eorzean speak? Please let me know.
-Is this a legitimate thing? I main WHM, and I like the whole elemental shingdig, but wasn’t sure lore-wise, this is an actual thing.
idea 2) Alisaie finally journeys to Ishgard to meet Alphinaud. They exchange brother and sisterly squabble and Alphinaud points out that his talent of drawing finally did good. Alisaie is very annoyed by this boast.
-Again, how would I phrase the dialogue?

Thank you, very much! If you’re interested, I’ve been working on other comics not related to FFXIV. It’s a bit NSFW with slight blood, but that’s a smaple of what I can do!

I can totally see that sort of sequence taking place, it’s very in character. I don’t mind your two cents on the gridinia plot, that’s more where I’m placing all my cards on. Anything that anyone can add, as long as it’s cited correctly, will help make the story more vibrant. I don’t even remember this from the conjurer storyline, so it also helps indicate that i should probably look into the hearers, the seedseers and the conjurer questline.

Yours and Anonymoose’s exposition does go hand in hand, and I really like that.
I could draw in a hearer visiting my PC while the PC fumbles with a cure spell. The hearer of course being the bearer of bad news, and of course including what Moose said about negative feelings effecting the woods.

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