I just had a run of MSQ roulette in Castrum Meridianum as Warrior

I just had a run of MSQ roulette in Castrum Meridianum as Warrior

Hello. First let me say what happened to me some minutes ago.

I just had a run of MSQ roulette in Castrum Meridianum as Warrior. The other tank was a Paladin. Since he was in Shield Oath all the time, I thought he was going to MT, and so he did. The problem began at the trash before the first set of cannons. He proceeded to pull them, along with the mobs all the way before the second set of cannons. Since it was too much damage, he died, party wiped.

Then it began. He called me out for not taking some of the adds for me, and I explained that something like that is not really possible, since one of us would take hate from all of them with the aoe and they’d begin running between us. He disagreed, so I proceeded to do what he wanted, and just as I feared, mobs were bouncing between us and it didn’t went well again.

He then said for me to MT. I agreed and was MT for the Rubricantus. I also did the part where you get the troops from the alarm towers and bring them back to the cannons, all went well. We only needed to kill 2 more Iron Giants. I got one since he had the other, and pulled him back to the corridor before the cannons. My OT then provoked my Iron Giant, and I lost hate for 6 seconds since I was Pacificated from Berserk. It was enough time for it to cleave the party. I asked him why he provoked the Iron Giant, to which he repplied “Stop being a noob, do you even know what you’re doing”

So, here I am. I do not know what I’m doing. I never played any tank roles outside of leveling sungeons. I never tanked any trials. I have an extremely hard time tanking because I’m expected to know mechanics and gimmicks from dungeons and I have an anxiety disorder diagnosed, which is also the reason I main a healer: I get to stay behind on dungeons, supporting, throwing stones, and if everything goes well no one will notice me. I feel so bad about my lack of leadership while tanking that I’m leveling my tanks using only roulette’s. I can’t queue for any Heavensward dungeon content in fear of dragging the party down.

Yes, I’m a noob. I have read thousands of tanking guides, cooldown management guides for fights that I won’t even tank, and I’m still a noob. But I want to stop being one. And that’s why I ask for help from the veteran tanks: what content, what training, what kind of fight I can get into to better understand how to tank and how to actually LEAD a party (which is my real problem) I can do to get better? Sorry for the big wall of text, and thank you if you read it all.

From the sounds of it, you were fine honestly. I’ve MT’d it solo before plenty of times.It sounds like he tried to overpull and couldn’t handle the damage (as well as being slow… he should be faster than the mobs) or the healers weren’t healing him (but if he didn’t stop the pull, I don’t blame them, they’d get all the hate). Heck, half the time, I don’t even pop a CD anymore. I still barely take damage pulling everything.
Having 2 tanks trying to do 2 separate pulls to mitigate some of the damage is fine and all, but you both need to be on the same page else, it becomes a mess. Sounds more like he didn’t know his limitations, not a fault on your part.

However, if you are lookin’ to improve, experience as everyone else has said is the best way. I’d suggest finding some patient friends who are willing to join ya in instances and just go in knowing full well you’re going to wipe the floor with your faces. But it’s hard to understand everything if you don’t try it. Just be sure you’re with a group that’s calm and not stressful if anxiety is a problem. I know you’ll still have some from feeling like you may be “failing” your group, but I know people yelling in chat only makes it worse ^^

In terms of how to lead, you really don’t need to do much of anything. The biggest thing as a tank is, you are the wall and the first to go in (should be…). You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. And the only thing in terms of leading is perhaps leading the way through the dungeon, but there’s only like 1 or 2 you can even get somewhat lost in to begin with… they’re pretty linear.

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