How to reward healers

How to reward healers

Hello, i’ve been playing pvp for a long time now and i usually end up being a healer inside due to the lack of them. One thing that bothers me is that DPS are being rewarded for getting kills in terms of the achievements and battle fever/high.

Can we get something like this for healers too? Ever since they removed cleric stance it’s basically impossible to get kills on a healer, apart from the occasional last hit. Having a healer achievement would probably make people heal more as well. Right now it’s just very unrewarding. It would be cool if we had some achievements like heal a total of xx hp (no overhealing) and have achievements linked to that. Or stuff like not letting people die in your party. I love pvp, but as a pvp healer it’s very unsatisfying to have nothing to aim for but wins. If that doesn’t work can we get something like an assistance system for kills maybe?

Why? Well first I’ll say I’ve healed for some awesome PUG teams, but I’ve also healed for teams where people would take off out of range and run back almost dead along with the three new friends they just made from another GC and I blow a lot of my lustrates saving them but then when I’m getting focused and I’ve got Attunement up and an alert to the party and its been 45 seconds of me kiting 3 melee players around and blowing the cooldowns I had left, now getting into range of me and sleeping/binding/stunning/focusing whoever’s on me isn’t quite as important as chasing that mounted player off into the middle of nowhere.


The question of how to reward healers without it causing adverse results in gameplay is a tough one. I like the suggestions above, good point with in combat healing because we don’t want a group of trophy hunters off by themselves to the side of their spawn point jumping off a cliff and healing themselves over and over. Also with res don’t want healers casting weakness revives all through their party where people are getting up left and right having weakness thinking they got a PVP revive and are about to get topped up but OMG where’s the person who raised me!? and dead again. Revive!

I think points healed in combat is a good measure, and also number of matches as a healer if they can count from the end of the two minute window when battle commences until the end so that people who heal an entire match because they queued as healer, or queued as DPS and swapped to healer, get credit but those who swapped at the very end don’t. I like the idea of a brink of death type achievement as well, if a healer can restore someone from near death and keep them alive a certain amount of time.

Or how about, amount of HP healed on players with Battle High/Fever which would hopefully keep people working together properly. Overhealing wouldn’t count and the threshold wouldn’t be set crazy high since not all party members will have battle high, and not all the time, and when they do, someone else might need healing much much more at the time.

Raising achievements could work, but I personally think it’s not a good thing to do as achievement. People might let others die on purpose just to get the achievement. Also pve raise will still grant people weakness. Divine breath really won’t be up for every person to raise. The thing about running as healer in a pvp match could work, but people could also just switch to heal at the end of the match and get their points like that. Another thing that wouldn’t really work. I think HP restored (not overhealing) would be a good take on getting healer achievements. Perhaps even encourage cross alliance healing. Achievements like heal x hp for members in the other teams. There’s enough options for healing achievements, but yet we’re only stuck with kill xx people achiements, shafting healers.

I’m not too sure how to handle achievements, since I don’t even really like the Slaughterhouse set… I mean, when you see people waiting to swoop in and get the kill shot it becomes kind of irritating, it’s perhaps rare, but irritating all the same. People can “steal” a kill unintentionally of course, and I have no problem with that, but when you literally see someone doing nothing and hold off until someone is at a low percentage… Not sure I want something similar playing out for Healers… I don’t want them intentionally letting me get low so they can heal more, or letting me die so they can Raise me for an achievement…

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