How to Make Gil in FFXIV: Lesson 4

How to Make Gil in FFXIV: Lesson 4

This is a super quick beginner’s guide to making gil in FFXIV. Today, we’ll be looking at how to maximize your profit quickly and easily by using a low-level weaving recipe for dew thread. The beauty of this is that it requires very little effort and is a great turn around for someone just starting out.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again- Not every tip in this series is guaranteed to work on every server. Market differences are influenced by your server population and a myriad of other variables. My hope is that those of you who come from larger servers will use my videos to find your own niche in the market, and that my ideas will inspire you to do so.

I play on Framfrit so are server is a ton a greedy people who just wanna sell the stuff as fast as they can . I was selling aldgoat skin/ leather but the prices have went from 2k down to 90g a piece for skin and 4k to 500gil for leather . That’s about what happens to everything.

Yeah that’s no good. There are a lot of other things you can play around with though, so that’s the good news! You just need to figure out what your server is missing. Like Coeurl really doesn’t have a lot of crafter/gatherers. We have a lot of lazy people with a ton of gil, so things like this sell quite well.

we have so many people who craft and gather that most things like that don’t sell well on our server. Glamour prisms, on the other hand… people get so lazy for those!

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