How to Fail at Tanking in FFXIV

How to Fail at Tanking in FFXIV

The sad thing is this guide can be taken serriously; Zepla I know this has been out for only a few hours but I feel like every tank ever has already watched this video and has been worshipping its teachings for years!

Oh I main whm and brd. when I whm I get amazing tanks, I love them all, but when I brd I get horrible whm and cuz I play it I almost starts hosting, and I could a made a vid how not to do Rav ex but I couldn’t record at time.

Oh My God. THANK YOU. As a Tank, I do NONE of these things (except the Raid Guides; if you have an understanding of how this game works, you don’t need them), and YET I get nothing but FLACK for it…mainly due to not having a single Soul Crystal to my name, but I don’t see the need if I’m holding hate properly. I NEEDED THIS LIKE I NEED AIR!

I can sum up in 1 sentence how to push ps3 to limit, at least on whm which prolly won’t work for jobs with combos, but timing is when u see start of attack start, not orange bar, u move. and if has big animation or is aoe, run thru where middle wuld be before it fires.

lol any class dps can be a tank as long the healer or any hp regen something is high. The main heart and foundation of any mmo are hp regen or healer or medic not tank or Dps, thats why many pay to win or any free to play or even sub type mmo the most usefull stat if there is is a hp regen.

Hate is basically accrued by the amount healed. Tanks do have better hate tools, but they also take less damage, requiring less heals. Simple stances (except on WAR) reduce damage by 20%, and cooldowns reduce by even more. That aside, armor does matter so even stanceless hits will be less on a tank. Combined with knowing where those attacks will hit, which allows healers to use preventive measures instead of just reactive, tanks vastly simplify healing.

As for which healer has least hate, heals only I’d say SCH. SCH heals are split with the fairy, and it has the shielding type. Next AST in Nocturnal stance is similar to SCH’s shielding. Regens and Pure large heals of WHM and Diurnal AST are probably the highest, though none of this is backed by any strict testing, just experience with the classes, both playing them myself and seeing them in raiding content (WHM would always be the one to get hate during a phase shift if done incorrectly).

Don’t forget to turn bosses around here and there to let them cleave the group! Reminds everyone you’re there. DPS and healers alike love it. (Seriously though, keep the bosses ass facing me I am a fragile dps who cannot eat spice.)

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