ffxivtips : Tabata: Reports of Final Fantasy XV on PC a misunderstanding

ffxivtips : Tabata: Reports of Final Fantasy XV on PC a misunderstanding

Final Fantasy XV won’t be heading to PC any time soon, clarified director Hajime Tabata following news posted online referencing the game running on (development) PCs and PS4 in its pre-beta stage. Some sites and readers took this news out of context – or perhaps they just don’t understand how game development works – and so Tabata said a few words that hopefully clear up any confusion for now.

Speaking with Amanz.net during Comic Fiesta this past weekend Tabata seemed surprised when presented with these rumors: “Really?! Where did you hear this? If anything, it is a misunderstanding. There will be no PC port. We never planned for it. The game is originally developed on the PC first and what we said was how the pre-beta works very smoothly on the PC and now optimizations are being made for the consoles. Please do not misunderstand.

“If a proper PC version is to be made, then many changes have to be made and a lot of things have to be reconsidered before such a move can be made.”

So there you have it. Tabata previously mentioned at Gamescom that a PC version could happen after the initial console release but currently there’s no solid plan. For now, the development team will focus on creating the console experience for the living room because he feels “people have been waiting for the game for a long time, so it’s important to release it as soon as possible.”

Final Fantasy XV is set to release some time in 2016. A final release date will be revealed at a special event in March 2016.

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