ffxivtips : New Star Ocean 5 screenshots showcase battle system, battleship and more

ffxivtips : New Star Ocean 5 screenshots showcase battle system, battleship and more

Square Enix released a new batch of screenshots for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness today, showcasing the game’s battle system – including group attacks and other skill attacks – and a look at Charles D. Goale, the battleship the gang travels across worlds in.

You can read all the details below thanks to Gematsu for the translation.

■ Charles D. Goale

A state-of-the-art space battleship owned by the Pangalactic Federation. It is a large-scale exploration battleship with a high maximum occupancy capable of long-term exploration, equipped with powerful weapons, shields, and engines.
Part of the ship’s interior is somewhat of a town, as it’s lined with shops and even a medical office called the Sick Bay.
There’s a small shuttle within the battleship that you can take to get down to your destination.
■ Battle System


During battle, you can step in any direction to avoid getting hit. This is a good skill for parrying enemies and carrying out counterattacks.

Character Change
Before battle, players are controlling Fidel, but at the start of battle, it will automatically change to the character you were last controlling in battle. The character you’re controlling is indicated in blue in the user interface.

Group Battles
Because the Kingdom of Resulia and the Kingdom of Trei’kur are at war, conflicts will break out in various places. Fidel and company might get involved in these conflicts, leading to seamless event group battles. These are somewhat different from standard battles, as a large number of people outside the party will participate.

■ Battle Skills

A Selection of Fidel’s Skills

—Cyclone Blade
Fidel jumps in the air while spinning around and mows down the surrounding enemies. The enemies involved might get launched up into the air.

—Mirror Blade
Slice the enemy with five consecutive attacks at instant speed. The final slash might lift the enemy to the air.

—Shotgun Bolt
Creates a forward burst of lightning. It might sometimes put the enemy in a fog state.

A Selection of Emmerson’s Skills

—Burst Emission (Reserve Rush)
A wide-range attack where Emmerson pounds the ground with a giant amount of energy, which blows out of the surrounding surface.

— Chaotic Blossoms (Guard Counter)
A dropkick attack that blows back the enemy.

■ Private Actions

Private Actions is a system that lets you enjoy conversation events with each character in town and along your journey.

Here we see Miki telling Fidel that she wants to try all the sweets in the world, and that the road of sweets never comes to an end.

Star Ocean 5 is due out on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on March 31st in Japan, and exclusively on PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe later this year.

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