ffxivtips : New Star Ocean 5 details and screenshots introduces Emerson and Anne

ffxivtips : New Star Ocean 5 details and screenshots introduces Emerson and Anne

Today, Square Enix has released a new batch of Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Faithlessness screenshots alongside some details on the other characters such as Emerson and Anne. These Star Ocean 5 screenshots were also featured in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine. Thanks Gematsu for the translation.

■ Characters
Emerson (voiced by Junichi Suwabe)

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 41
  • Weapon: Crossbow
  • Special Skill: Gunfire

Star Ocean 5 screenshot character
A man who travels together with Anne. Although he’s dressed like a medicine salesman, he doesn’t actually sell medicine. He has a scary face, but a frank personality, and is always fair. He loves alcohol and women, and works hard to pickup the latter wherever he goes. He is by no means a frivolous man, however, and occasionally takes on the resolute attitude of an adult male.

He mainly attacks with his crossbow from a distance, and fights making use of his high offensive ability.

Emerson doesn’t have any Spellmark Magic, but he consumes MP when using special attacks. He has a number of bowgun-based special attacks, but they require technique. His “Benishigure” attack fires countless arrows at a wide range of enemies.

Anne (voiced by Ayumi Fujimura)

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28
  • Weapon: Melee
  • Special Skill: Melee Techniques

Star Ocean 5 screenshot character 2
A woman who travels together with Emerson. She’s good-looking, extremely intellectual, and well composed. She’s often swung around at Emerson’s actions. She’s always relentlessly chide, but she’s not necessarily a cold person. She actually has a hidden kindness within her. She has an unmatched love for cats, too.

In battle, Anne utilizes an abundance of variegated melee attacks including quick attacks and heavy-hitting special skills, and fights making a fool of the enemy.

Anne uses a number of high firepower special skills and combos to blow away enemies. Her “Trident Arts” attack sees her fire three kicks at the enemy. The hits are massive and reduce the attack power of the enemy.

■ World

Star Ocean 5 screenshot 7
The capital of the Randock Kingdom. This is a castle town where there is a Spellmark Magic school and lineups of shops. It’s the one-stop place for Spellmark Magic. Inside the Randock castle is a Spellmark Research Institute. The walls inside the castle are made of typical stone, but the Spellmark Research Institute made a different design with the former Institute as a motif.

Randock Royal Spellmark Research Institute
Star Ocean 5 screenshot 3
North of Santeroll is a mysterious facility from the olden days. 150 years before it was discovered, it had already stopped functioning in an uprising. But the Spellmark-related books and such remained, and the founding queen made use of the facility to further the development of Randock.

■ System

Star Ocean 5 interface
A system that lets you set roles for each character in your party. Roles can be shared across the party, too. You can set up to four roles per character.

Role Types

There are roles that specialize in attacking, defending, recovery, and support, and other for five types of roles. You can level up specific roles and by progressing through the story, unlock new roles.

Attack Types

  • Attacker – Prioritizes number of moves and focuses on proactively attacking. Factor: ATK +4.
  • Caster – Prioritizes number of moves and focuses on proactively using skill attacks. Factor: INT +4.
  • Bazaar – Aggressively attacks enemies that chip away at you. Factor: none.
  • Fighter – Throws away defense to fight mainly with attacks. Factor: none.

Star Ocean screen3
Defense Types

  • Defender – Places emphasis on defense while putting emphasis on the toughest enemies. Factor: none.
  • Guardless Alpha – Confronts physical attacks and is unfazed when hit. Factor: is unfazed by attack damage less than 2 percent of MAX HP.
  • Knight – Prioritizes and eliminates enemies aiming at party members who are about to die. Factor: DEF +8.
  • Vanguard: Defends against enemy attacks while increasing personal vitality. Factor:
  • MAX HP increased by 2 percent / sometimes HP recovery by 1 percent based on guard success.

Star Ocean screen 2
Recovery Types

  • Healer – Refrains from actions to prepare for quick recovery. Factor: MAX MP +2 percent.
  • First-Aid – Carries out first-aid treatment when an ally is hit. Factor: 10 percent chance of 2 percent HP recovery when attacked.
  • Guts – Can endure a hit when on the verge of dying. Factor: 4 percent change of recovering from death.
  • Saver – In order to save lives, this role pours all of its power into recovery. Factor: HP recovery amount +4 percent.

Star Ocean screen2
Support Types

  • Provoker – Fights while drawing attention from enemies. Factor: easily become targeted by enemies +1.
  • Interceptor – Actively counterattacks the most hostile enemies. Factor: standard attack stun chance +4 percent.
  • Intelligence Strategist – Analyzes situations and provides appropriate instruction.
  • Factor: Thought level of all party members rise / INT +10 percent.
  • Attack Strategist – Analyzes situations and provides superficial instruction. Factor:
  • Attack frequency of all party members rise / ATK +30 percent.

Star Ocean screen1
Special Types

  • HP Boost – Factor: MAX HP +10 percent.
  • MP Boost – Factor: MAX MP +10 percent.
  • ATK Boost – Factor: ATK +4 percent.
  • DEF Boost – Factor: DEF +4 percent.

Star Ocean 5 screen
Role Effectiveness
Star Ocean 5 screenshot 18
Setting roles that make the best use of a character’s special traits is advantageous, as is setting different characteristic roles that make the best use of factors. Through various combinations, you can make a strategy all your own.

  • (1) Change the AI behavior of your allies.
  • (2) Change various parameters through Factors, including offensive ability and HP.

Star Ocean 5 is due out on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 on February 25th in Japan. The game will release later that year only on Playstation 4 in other regions.

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