ffxivtips : New NieR project titled “NieR Automata”

ffxivtips : New NieR project titled “NieR Automata”

As Famitsu leaks come in, the next NieR game is reportedly titled “NieR Automata.” NieR Automata takes place on the devastated planet Earth, and a battle between androids created by humans, against the “machine organisms” sent by the enemies of mankind.

The magazine apparently features imagery of the characters and setting by Akihiko Yoshida. A character who appears to be the protagonist is called “YoRHa #2 Type B” and holds both a sword and great sword. Long-ranged attacks are made possible by a system called “Pods.”

Additionally, the game’s director Yoko Taro, is in charge of a stage play known as YoRHa Ver 1.1 – which seems to be connected in some ways to NieR Atomata. A brief summary describes the play:

“YoRHa,” the distant future. Earth was invaded by machine life forms and humanity fled to the moon. On a defense base satellite orbiting the planet, Androids have been fighting the invaders in place of humans.

During the 14th Drop Operation, the new-type android unit “YoRHa” troop is attacked unexpectedly and only four remain (No. 2, No. 4, No. 16, and NO. 21).

The machine life forms charge at them, but they are saved by the older androids who survived on Earth, “Resistance.” The members of YoRHa and Resistance join forces in a do-or-die battle against the machine life forms…

More information is due to come during Paris Games Week, which starts tomorrow.

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