ffxivtips : Massive Chrono Trigger arrangement album and art project out today

ffxivtips : Massive Chrono Trigger arrangement album and art project out today

Nearly 21 years on, Chrono Trigger still captures the hearts, minds and talents of fans the world over. For the past two years, the folks behind Secret of Mana tribute album Spectrum of Mana have teamed up once again – bringing together over 200 artists to re-imagine Yasunori Mitsuda’s timeless score.

This new work titled “Chronicles of Time” is a brand-new 75 track album that also includes a collection of over 50 pieces of art detailing key scenes and characters from the game. Each of the album’s five discs are sorted by Chrono Trigger‘s own time eras and range from rock, orchestral and live performances from names such as Stemage (of Metroid Metal), composer Dale North, The OneUps guitarists William Carlos Reyes and Tim Yarbrough, and game music cover bands Super Soul Bros., Descendants of Erdrick, Eight Bit Disaster, Super Guitar Bros., Marshall Art, along with many others.

Fans are able to purchase the 5-disc set through digital music services such as iTunes, LOUDR and Spotify with all proceeds donated to Doctors Without Borders.

“Following up Spectrum of Mana for us was no easy task, but the team felt strongly that we should tackle Chrono Trigger,” notes Chronicles of Time organizer Nate Horsfall. “Two years later, after laughing, crying, and bleeding together, we’ve emerged with something that rivals Spectrum of Mana in sonic diversity. Bigger, more ambitious, and with a team twice the size, there’s something for everyone with Chronicles of Time.”

More information on the album, its artwork and the team behind it can be found over on the official Chronicles of Time website.

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