ffxivtips : Heavensward Job Action Video and Live Letter Information Round-Up

ffxivtips : Heavensward Job Action Video and Live Letter Information Round-Up

Showcased during the Letter from the Producer LIVE XXI, this brand new video shows a variety of new and exciting abilities coming to both current and new jobs in Heavensward. Once you’ve finished watching, check below for a more detailed look at the upcoming changes.


  • New alternate combo linking to Riot Blade.
  • Divine Veil – Sets a protective barrier around the target where if the target receive cures while under the effect, other nearby members will also receive a barrier effect.


  • Deliverance – Abandon Stacks, stacks to 5, stacks carry over between Defiance and Deliverance.
  • Raw Intuition – Hit from the front reflects the attack. But if you get hit from the side it deals critical damage to you.
  • Actions to Heal yourself, and abilities to deplete Abandon for additional effects.

Dark Knight

  • Dark Aura – Increases DPS but depletes MP.
  • Grit – Stance that increases Enmity like Shield Oath/Defiance.
  • Lunging Ranged Attack to initiate the fight.
  • Dark Knight cannot receive MP from Bards, and has weapon skills to absorb and manage MP.
  • Dark Dance, Dark Passenger, Dark Mind, Soul Eater, Living Dead are other ability names.
  • Dark Knight crosses from both Marauder and Gladiator.
  • Adjustment to all abilities for Tanks 1 through 50.


  • Greased Lightning – Abilities to extend the stacks etc during phase switches in fights.
  • Meditation – Stacks up to 5. Allows you to execute burst-based DPS techniques, and also use Meditation to recover TP.
  • 3 abilities to deplete Greased Lightning. So right before a boss goes invulnerable, you can use your stacks instead of letting them disappear.


  • Blood of the Dragon – Stance adding procs to Thrust, such as Full Thrust or Chaos Thrust, adding a four tier combo and also actions that deplete the remaining timer of Blood of the Dragon.
  • Adjusting Animation Locks.
  • Aiming for a quicker Dragoon in combat.


  • Not too much to change as it’s still quite new compared with the rest.
  • Extension to Mudra such as Huton. Can execute other Mudra due to the length extension of Huton and not having to keep using Mudra to keep it up.
  • Ninja will get more positionals.
  • Can adjust enmity that is on yourself and apply it to other people. High burst DPS will not be a problem at the beginning of a fight because it can be shifted.


  • The Wanderer’s Minuet – Allows you to charge your shots. Can’t move, moving removes the charge buff.
  • Ranger Stance – DPS will increase, but auto attack will turn off. Can use other songs while the effect is active.
  • Sidewinder Stance – DoT Boost.

Black Mage

  • Ley Line – Creates field that gives the caster Haste while inside it
  • Sharp Cast – Gives guaranteed proc on Firestarter/Thundercloud following whichever element you cast next
  • Enochian – Gives a thirty second buff, allowing you to cast Fire IV OR Blizzard IV. Can be extended by Blizzard IV.


  • Similar to Bard in DPS comparability.
  • Reload – Allows 5 Shots.
  • Quick Reload – Allows 1 Shot.
  • Every shot has a 20%~ chance to proc something. Increasing to 100% after 5 shots.
  • Charge Shots.
  • Turrets can provide support as well as DPS.


  • New Direct Damage Spells.
  • Tri-Disaster is now called Tri-Bind, and Tri-Disaster is a new move you’ll learn.
  • Dreadwyrm Trance – Powers of Bahamut are granted to the Summoner allowing use of Ahk Morn.

White Mage

  • Aslyum – Grants a field that heals.
  • Assize – Magic Attack that also Heals.
  • Stone III & Aero III – DoTs and Damage.
  • Smaller instant cast heals.
  • WHM Protect buff becoming cross-class due to balancing for AST and SCH.


  • Outward AoE Heals from the Scholars position.
  • Deployment Tactics – Grants higher protection buffs to Adloquium.
  • Emergency Tactics – Grants Healing buffs to Adloquium.
  • Dissipation – Sacrifices pet for Heal.


  • Two basic stances; Moon Reading and Star Reading. One is pure healing, and one is shielding heals.
  • Y’shtola Barrier Technique.
  • Draw cards to add buffs, six possible variants. When you draw the card you can either hold it, use it, or shuffle it. Holding it allows you to stack card effects.

As we can see a sheer plethora of adjustments for all jobs. Better start planning that future rotation and shuffling around Hotbars to make space! No doubt there is even more abilities not featured in this update that are sure to be a surprise. What job change excites you the most? Further information on these changes has been gathered and can be read over on the official Forums.

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