ffxivtips : GC 2015: Play the Square Enix bingo with us!

ffxivtips : GC 2015: Play the Square Enix bingo with us!

Continuing the former E3-tradition of bingos, NovaCrystallis.com is proud to present you our Square Enix Gamescom 2015 bingo.

Gaming conventions are even more fun when the big hopes and rumors collide with surprises and awkward moments. We challenge Square Enix to deliver.

Will the release date of Final Fantasy XV really be shared at Gamescom or will it be kept under wraps until TGS? Will we hear more details about the Hitman beta or get a US/EU release date for Star Ocean 5? How about a fancy Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition?

We loved Yoshi-P’s appearance in FFXIV costumes during the Fan Festivals and cross fingers for making it a running gag. How about turning any Gamescom visitor into a cool Adam Jensen with shades for everyone, even if you haven’t asked for it? It’s Europe’s biggest gaming event and we love to see crazy things happening.

Do you want to play the game with us? Rules are simple: Print our bingo and get ready for Gamescom. If the mentioned event happens – mark it in the field. Have you marked five fields in a row? Bingo! That’s pure satisfaction.

Apart from what we are showing here we like to know your hopes for Square Enix at Gamescom 2015.


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