ffxivtips : GC 2015: New quest types coming to Final Fantasy XIV

ffxivtips : GC 2015: New quest types coming to Final Fantasy XIV

Many players praised the main quests and storyline of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward. On the other hand many complained about weaker side quests and FATES in the game.

During our exclusive Gamescom interview, Naoki Yoshida told us more about new quest types coming to the game:

“I already talked to the team about the Moogle side quests, because they are quite tiresome and tedious jobs. For the future, we like to remove this type of quest. 

There are two points to improve for side quests: First of all, you need to assign a proper story to that side quest. We also want to add more variation to the side quests.

For example, you  may need to find the highest building an an area and jump off from the top if it.  Or you need to carry a certain item and secretly sneak into a building without being noticed by anyone.

We think that adding that mini-game type of quests to the game should be fun. I actually talked with the team about this last week, before coming to Gamescom. Before moving to 4.0, we have to add more variety to the quests. We want to change this and the flag systems. These are the things we want to improve.” 

What kinds of quests would you like to see? Tell us in the comments or at our forums.

The full Final Fantas XIV interview article will be released in the following days.

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