ffxivtips : First “Talking Hitman: Agent 47” video released

ffxivtips : First “Talking Hitman: Agent 47” video released

Today, Square Enix and IO Interactive released the first part of a video series called “Talking Hitman: Agent 47”.

In the short video Studio Creative Director Christian Elverdam, Main Writer Michael Vogt and Art Director Jonathan Rowe answer the question “What’s it like to build a game around a person that doesn’t really change that much?”.

The next Hitman game will be the first in the series being released online and completely episodic right from the start. The first episode will include Agents 47’s recruitment for the ICA and the well-known Paris level.

The developers wanted to go episodic to create a better gaming experience, building the title closer to the community with changing live events and consideration of fan feedback after every episode.

The game’s beta starts on February 12 for PS4 and February 19 for PC users, right before the release on March 11. Preordering the game will grant you access to the beta.

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