ffxivtips : Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2 Main Scenario & Dungeons Preview

ffxivtips : Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2 Main Scenario & Dungeons Preview

Final Fantasy XIV‘s next post-release content patch is scheduled to release on February 23rd, 2016. Entitled “The Gears of Change“, the patch will continue the Heavensward story revolving around the Dragonsong War. Today, Square Enix has posted a new preview of the main scenario and two dungeons, which we’ve shared below.

Main Scenario: The Gears of Change

“Truth. Peace. Reformation. These were the keys to Ishgard’s salvation. So believed Ser Aymeric, acting ruler of the Holy See.

However, not all shared in his dream, and in his headlong rush to unite man and dragon once more, those still bound by the fetters of the past rose up to defend their nation against the forces they feared would destroy it.

Yet change─that great, inexorable wave─was upon them, and soon all of Ishgard would bend to its will.”

Dungeon: The Antitower

“In all of creation, what greater mystery could there be than the fate of this very star? To sound the deepest depths, to study the aetherial sea itself─for these purposes and more was the Antitower built.

Abandoned by her Sharlayan caretakers following the exodus, it has since been overrun by the magical guardians they left behind. Yet were one blessed with Her gift to brave these dangers and descend to the furthest reaches─to hear, feel, and think at the heart of this world─what would they find?”

Dungeon: The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)

“Following the defeat of Diabolos, the unnatural pall choking the crumbling city of Amdapor was lifted, and tranquility restored to the Twelveswood.

Or so it had seemed. When the Hearers entered the ruins, however, they had scarce begun consigning the stones to the forest when their elemental allies fled in a sudden panic. By the spirits’ agitated whispers did the Seedseers learn that a daunting and hostile presence yet lingered within Amdapor’s moldering walls. Unable to complete their ritual of cleansing, once more have the Padjals called upon your aid.

Once more must you delve deep inside the ancient city’s husk, and purge its withered heart of an unknown evil…”

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