ffxivtips : Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live XXIV summary

ffxivtips : Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live XXIV summary

With Heavensward well underway, it’s time to look forward to the next bit of content that will be available for Final Fantasy XIV. During the game’s 14-hour broadcast celebrating its two year anniversary, producer/director Naoki Yoshida and staff shared a few details on what fans can expect in the first part of their Patch 3.1 updates.

The patch – though without a concrete launch date – will introduce more of the main scenario following the events of 3.0. A new side quest called Saint Endalim Scholasticate will also be included along with Vanu Vanu beast tribe quests. Players will also have the ability to venture into two new dungeons: Saint Mocianne Arboretum and the Pharos Sirius (Hard).

Following previous odd-numbered patches, 3.1 will see the release of the next 24-man raid content. Known as the Void Ark, this new dungeon can currently be seen at times floating in the Sea of Clouds. It will have the same loot system as the previous World of Darkness. The team will also be introducing a new primal, with further details coming with next week’s Rising anniversary seasonal event.

As previously teased, the Gold Saucer will see new additions – namely a new attraction called Lord of Verminion. It started out as an April Fools joke but has evolved into a real thing, according to Yoshida. It’s here players can battle it out with their minions in an RTS-style competition. New Triple Triad cards and MGP payouts will also be adjusted.

The current Free Company airship voyages system will soon have the ability to explore uncharted islands where you can fight strong enemies. Those without alliance to a FC can use this feature by visiting Ishgard.

Personal housing will also see some updates, including the ability to adjust visitor entry, lighting fixtures and reclaim inactive housing. FCs will be able to change their names in 3.1 as well.

The team has finally found a way for glamours to occupy multiple slots at once. They’ll also be instituting an option to try on multiple items as opposed to the current one item limitation.

Outside of specific 3.1 updates, Yoshida noted that several adjustments will be made to the Monk and Astrologian classes. Beginning in Patch 3.07 players will also be able to see other party members’ TP in the party list. This comes with the shifting of the party bonus bar to an in-menu location.

European data centers are also scheduled to open sometime in mid-October. Square Enix will be taking several existing worlds rather than creating new ones to the new servers, of which will be subject to 3-5 day maintenance downtime.

The rest of the updates and official translations can be read over at the Lodestone.

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