ffxivtips : Big Hero 6 comes to Kingdom Hearts III

ffxivtips : Big Hero 6 comes to Kingdom Hearts III

CMjLu2lUkAAwAKZ.jpg largeThe latest world Sora and friends will find themselves exploring in Kingdom Hearts III is that of Big Hero 6. Disney Interactive and Square Enix announced today that the recent animated feature based on the Marvel superhero comics of the same name will be appearing in the upcoming game along with Tangled, which was revealed this past E3.

While we weren’t able to glimpse new footage of this world quite yet, director Tetsuya Nomura has shared a piece of concept artwork the team has been working on to give fans an idea of what they’re going for. In Kingdom Hearts III, the world of Big Hero 6 will persist following the events of the film itself – where the power of darkness takes control of the old Baymax body left in the portal. Sora will also be able to ride Baymax to some extent.

Though we’re left without a release date, Disney and Square Enix promise more news to come. Stay tuned.

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