FFXIV Story Quests: Gameplay issue

FFXIV Story Quests: Gameplay issue


I’m new here and motivated to share something I hope others can confirm.

Being a new player to the FF community, I was surprised by how players were behaving in the Duty quests (part of the main storyline). Time and time again the system would join me up with players who were so high level that they didn’t care to explain what was going on, nor would allow me to learn on my own how to play the bosses.

I have had to play the game through by 1) being kicked out of main battles BECAUSE I was watching the story line cinematic 2) players stampeded through the final story quest duties, even without completing sections of gameplay. I had to helplessly watch as cinematics would start up and the game would end… this happened not only toward the end of Realm Reborn during my play through – It happened since I started the game. I would prefer much more to play these storyline duties by myself than with other players who would undermine my story experience and learning.

Can anyone else confirm this and bump if they feel the same way?

I think at least the first time you play through you should have a chance to watch the story line and engage with it by learning how to battle bosses. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had others reveal key moments about bosses that I just wanted to learn on my own.

In movie reviews, I think they would call it “movie spoilers” – in this case, anytime you play with others during storyline duties, the other players behave like “final fantasy spoilers” – jumping past gameplay elements in duties, telling you how to make it easy to defeat a boss (without challenge for you), or beating them all for you as you helplessly get excluded due to a storyline cinematic.

I fully sympathize with you Accadia. Sadly though this has been a problem pretty much since launch, and the problem mostly affects the Castrum Meridanium and the Praetorium dungeons, as they are extremely cutscene heavy right through each dungeon, but of course high level players want to just rush ahead to get their ‘Allagan tomestomes’ they get as a bonus for queuing via the ‘Duty Roulette’ for helping with it, completely ignoring players new to the dungeon who want to experience it how it was meant to be played.

Sadly the only real way to avoid this with the ARR dungeons is to ignore the Duty Finder and see if a couple of level 60 high-end geared friends can run you through it as an ‘undermanned’ (that is, with just your couple of people in the party and with no level sync), and let you view the cutscenes without interruption.

In fact, if you were on my server I would gladly do just this and happily run you through things like Praetorium and let you view the cutscenes without problem. Unfortunately there is no other way that you can overcome this, other than maybe using Party Finder and forming a party for new players on your server and entering like that (and not using Duty Finder) – there is even an option in PF for ‘viewing cutscenes’ so anyone who joins knows what you want to do specifically. I’m sorry I have no other way of helping you overcome this though.

Either way, hang in there! Not all level 60 players are tome-obsessed speedrunners who have forgotten their roots, that they were low level and new to a dungeon/trial/raid once too, a lot of us are more casual and laid back and far more emphaic towards low level players.

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