FFXIV Patch 3.3 – Anima Weapon Update

FFXIV Patch 3.3 – Anima Weapon Update

So we got some info on this, which is great to see. Also, it looks like it won’t be as grindy as some of us speculated, at least nowhere near the level that grinding “unidentified items” was X_X

Here’s a shot from the digest, but it’s all in JP:

If anyone can translate anything important, or has any information (iLv, etc) that may/may not have been mentioned in the video but not the digest… please share ^_^

Feel free to use this as a discussion page also. Speculate away!!

Just the wording on how they said a variety of different content can be use to get there, and you earn a minimum of 3pts per “session” and can get up to 5, rather than 1pt or a static 3pts.

idk about you, but I did a fair amount of stuff and those damn unidentifiable items took me months to finish X_X

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