FFXIV OST Sophia The Goddess Theme ( Equilibrium )

FFXIV OST Sophia The Goddess Theme ( Equilibrium )

There are actually some alternative tracks on the NieR soundtrack with english and japanese versions of some of the songs. but it’s very unlikely to be the same singer, maybe it is more inspiration than anything.

I know absolutely nothing about the plot where this occurs but from the sound of the song I feel…remorseful, maybe. Like this is something I have to do. It’s a truly desperate fight to be sure, with stakes that mean I cannot lose, but there’s no celebrating my victory.

an ancient evil empire found a way to capture the physical manifestations of various gods from the nations they conquered and use them as a power source. an airship with gods on it has been floating around on autopilot for 5000 years, the new evil empire figured out how to get inside and awaken the old gods, and they’re mad as hell and need to be dealt with before they break out of their containment vessels and destroy the world.

this fight is the player’s group vs a goddess of justice who thinks you’re the bad guys. it’s an unpleasant job that needs to be done instead of the usual MMO-quest righteous fight against actual bad guys.

So the lore for Sophia is basically that she’s absolutely obsessed with perfect balance. The lyrics to the song is about a wife who lost her husband and a daughter who lost her mother to grief.

Eventually, the daughter prays to the goddess for help, and she suggest killing her mother to bring a balance to her sorrow. She does, and now the daughter takes on all the burden. She then suggest killing herself, and she does. Sophia considers this balanced…

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