FFXIV OST Sohm Al Hard Mode Theme

FFXIV OST Sohm Al Hard Mode Theme

On ARR the hard mode dungeons had a complete set of asmotphere, the place was changed but still assets were kind of same. We had also diferent use of colors, and were not travelling on the dungeon on the same way. If feel kind different.

On HW the hardmode dungeons, 2/3 part was not changed, assets were the same, we start the travel from the very exact place in most cases. But the last part was a complete new zone, different assets, in all sence. That was the only that reedem this dungeons. ( expect hulbreaker island hard mode, yea i know was a dissapointed )

On Sohm Al hard mode we have both. Different atmosphere, colors, mobs, the stage feeled changed, starting from above, etc. Also its 3rd place was totally new zone with different asets. They really try their best this time to put the best part of both tipes of hard modes.

I really dont know what the hell are you saing dude seriously, just stop. You saing that this place exist on a land area, well is a dungeon buddy. we enter to sohm al, the volcano, this time we go down istead of up. The last area we are on the very deep the heart. What else you need? You are totaly saing nosnce. Seriously i think you are just trolling me, so im not gonan say more.

Such a great theme wasted on such an abysmally disappointing dungeon. Boring environments until the last stretch, extremely boring boss fights including the last one, and just all around really generic and shitty. I had high hopes for this one since I loved Sohm Al but it’s garbage. Good thing Baelsar’s Wall is fucking amazing.

To be fair, I don’t think the original battle themes from 1.X quite fit the tone of just a regular battle out in the field. They do seem more like boss themes or themes for special instances so I think the use of themes like Quicksand has actually been better in 2.X and 3.X than it was in 1.X where they were great but weren’t used in the right places. The 2.X battle themes, whilst not as good, do fit the tone of random battle better. I think that’s why they changed it.

you know what, I have being reading you comments for a long time but I never said anything till now. What is your problem with the game? If you dont like it then DONT PLAY IT. I see no reason at all why you are you still posting and expecting that your noncence comments will be listen, you are just of very low minority no one cares about, that if you are still playing, what I doubt. Order than that you could be trolling and posting negative comments for pleasure and you have never played or care about the game before.

You sir are the worst, that if you are truly an adult because I dont believe that fake profile image for. if really you are truly a grown up, you should try to use your words better and more mature. Stop behaving like an infant.

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