FFXIV OST – Music Best of Mix – Final Fantasy 14 Original Soundtrack

FFXIV OST – Music Best of Mix – Final Fantasy 14 Original Soundtrack

Enjoy a 1-hour long best of collection of the complete soundtrack that spans more than 10 hours of high quality tracks. From intense epic boss battles to calm magical melodies to fantastic vocal tracks, the music of Eorzea is a force to be reckoned with.

Please be aware that some of the video content might be considered a spoiler for FFXIV OST (Boss Battles etc.) – so if you want to fully experience the game for the first time on your own – just enjoy the music.

Gonna be playing this game when my semester of college ends this year. This soundtrack is surprisingly good, I don’t usually listen to anything but battle music in RPG’s but even simple themes in this game are awesome!

you’re spot on, and one of my favorite things about this game is how well it brings together so many elements from prior fantasies. It isn’t some forced crossover like Dissidia, but in many ways it feels like the culmination of decades of creativity and art. I love the references to previous games and riding a magitek armor while hearing that song is epic.

Most final fantasy titles have amazing selections of music with plenty of variety in the soundtrack. This music from ff14 is nice, though its mostly limited to the epic music genre.

Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Wow, I can’t help but feel so nostalgic, listening to somthing so epic, so grandios! Along with a game that will forever spand throughout generations! The soundtrack definately made the game for what it is. Many thanks for releasing this mix, truely. I really think we should all take the time to appreciate the sounds of Final Fantasy and know just how amazing it is to be a part of something bigger than ourselves… I is the best feeling. Thank you.

Man I miss this game. It’s been over a year now, may have lost my account! This whole job thing is really getting in the way of my quality game time, may have to give it up.

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