FFXIV OST – Alexander: Cruise Chaser’s Theme

FFXIV OST – Alexander: Cruise Chaser’s Theme

Of course it become easy when you posted the comment, since everybody knew the routine of A11. But back at first and second day, most of my friends including me wiped at least 3-4 times during first A11. No reason to be so harsh ay.

love it, but one of these runs im gunna be found rocking in a corner insanely muttering “forward and back and then Forward and back and then go foreward and back and put one foot foreward” over and over.

one of the party even had a loud macro warning when the attack was coming but I was just in a trance chanting “Forward and back and then forward and back…” so Propeller Wind hit me when Ark was at 10%, Super Hawk Buster then wiped us and the majority voted abandon.

I find these boss fights to be very unbalanced. The boss is tunnel visioned in its targeting and the fact that players can see the area where the attacks will land just is too easy to react to. Plus the boss’ combat style is awkward and repetitive. The players can execute combos, the boss ought be able to do so too. And I feel the same way for all these boss battles…

I freaking love this song. This fight is amazing too! Also love it has elements from past Alex songs too! SE makes some darn good music! I was in here for a long time with people dropping and everything (though we were getting it) and this song didn’t get annoying once.

After someone pointed out in A-Prime’s part when you’re inside the time rift, that he brings you back to this floor. The lyrics “Forward and back” make a whole lot more sense and why it sounds more ethereal here as opposed to the other floors.

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