FFXIV Lore: Unmasking Yda

FFXIV Lore: Unmasking Yda

maxspecs The Mandeville’s never struck me as blatantly stupid. Just extremely eccentric. Hildebrand has some of the most idiotic ideas ever. But they still always pan out. But that whole family mostly gives the impression of they are so eccentric they just seem weird.

Granted, The Most Gentlemanly Mandeville’s observation skills are that of a small child. I mean, Greg was spending most of the story bragging he was the sword thief, and Hildi never really thought twice about it until he tried to steal his spear.

I love the theory of Yda being a runaway from Ala Mhigo, with the recent kind of “teaser” in the 3.3 recap quest I feel as if Raubahn would be much more compelled to take back Ala Mhigo if he found out about Yda potentially being a princess.

Although I agree with your second theory more, I highly doubt that Yda is dumb more like she likes of has to put that type of charade more so that no one can see her extensive knowledge and thus no one doubting her or questioning her out of her comfort zone.

Okay so I finished up the 3.4 MSQ last night and boy have they started heavily hinting at Yda being something special… There is one bit inparticularthat is of note, she is recognised by one of the Ala Mhigans at little ala mhigo… Except that she hasn’t aged one day in twenty years…

yeah, i noticed that as well, so either she is indeed Ala Mhigan Royalty and just has some kind of spell or curse put on her that makes her young for a very long time, or her name isn’t really Ida and she is hiding from someone else entirely.

If you want to get real technical, she would be a king. I don’t know when the convention dropped exactly, but up to a certain point in Europe’s history rulers were kings regardless of gender.

In your Unukalhai video, you pointed out that Gaius and Livia very well may have been able to have a child together. What if this child is Yda? It’d fit perfectly, it’d mesh with the theory that she was Garlean and that hiding her third eye is the reason for her mask, and it’d even give her a reason to sympathise with the Ala Mhigans as she would have seen the plight of the Ala Mhigans first hand and may have defected from Garlemald similarly to how Cid did, taking the alias of Yda in doing so to hide her identity.

Well as of what was revealed in 3.4 I think some speculation should point what we are heading to al mihigo. As for Yda after the cutscenes I have a feeling that Yda is actually the Al mihigan princess or there equivalent. It was also revaled that a new player in the game is this griffin character, although i have a feeling that he is Ilbeard since like Yda he is hiding behind a mask and using a body double. Since if anyone that new him before heard his voice would be able to point out that is who he is.

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