[FFXIV] How to Warrior: The One Man Army

[FFXIV] How to Warrior: The One Man Army

I saw this video before I bought ff14 and it was one of the factors that made me level as warrior… dunno how I didn’t realise this was satire… I still made the right choice tho warrior is the job for people with zero fucks to give. Tanking? Nah bro. Dodging mechanics? Who cares I’m a warrior?

Not very informative. It is entertaining, but he is very wrong on some parts. XD Inner Beast doesn’t heal near as much as he’s saying, but it does heal a lot once geared well. You also cannot spam it, as you need 5 stacks of Wrath to use it. Fell Cleave, yeah he pretty much nailed it. Another thing is that Storm’s Eye is extremely crucial to being a very good warrior and doing tons of damage. Always keep it on your hotbar and always keep it up on the enemy.

I just bought an axe but i am a bit sad you didn’t break down what kind of fucked up glamour to use so i went with Subligar with purple dye and thats about it. I now feel able to slightly play this job gg easy.

I make this joke all the time, about how you literally only need a Warrior as your tank, cause it can do everything. It slices, it dices, it carves up your foes like a steak by being a literal butcher! You can heal, you can tank, you can damage everything!

But yeah, Foresight isn’t really that great, sadly. I kept forgetting that it’s only defense, not magic defense, in the past, but I think the tradeoff of Inner Beast (Unless you’re tanking something in Deliverance….looking at you Manipulator!) is supposed to make up for it. Which it doesn’t. Oh well.

Merri I think you should do all jobs. Drk was so funny and this one too! Showed them to all my friends on Ragnarok can’t wait you to upload more vids and do some fun WAR dungeons with your friends again.

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