[FFXIV] How to Warrior: The One Man Army

[FFXIV] How to Warrior: The One Man Army

I saw this video before I bought ff14 and it was one of the factors that made me level as warrior… dunno how I didn’t realise this was satire… I still made the right choice tho warrior is the job for people with zero fucks to give. Tanking? Nah bro. Dodging mechanics? Who cares I’m a warrior?

Not very informative. It is entertaining, but he is very wrong on some parts. XD Inner Beast doesn’t heal near as much as he’s saying, but it does heal a lot once geared well. You also cannot spam it, as you need 5 stacks of Wrath to use it. Fell Cleave, yeah he pretty much nailed it. Another thing is that Storm’s Eye is extremely crucial to being a very good warrior and doing tons of damage. Always keep it on your hotbar and always keep it up on the enemy.

I just bought an axe but i am a bit sad you didn’t break down what kind of fucked up glamour to use so i went with Subligar with purple dye and thats about it. I now feel able to slightly play this job gg easy.

I make this joke all the time, about how you literally only need a Warrior as your tank, cause it can do everything. It slices, it dices, it carves up your foes like a steak by being a literal butcher! You can heal, you can tank, you can damage everything!

But yeah, Foresight isn’t really that great, sadly. I kept forgetting that it’s only defense, not magic defense, in the past, but I think the tradeoff of Inner Beast (Unless you’re tanking something in Deliverance….looking at you Manipulator!) is supposed to make up for it. Which it doesn’t. Oh well.

playing a moderate warrior is a lot different than squeezing everything out of it while playing progression content. Drg has a very simple straightforward rotation and doesn’t have to juggle offense with staying alive.

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