FFXIV – How OP Will 3.4 Astro REALLY Be? Overview & Thoughts

FFXIV – How OP Will 3.4 Astro REALLY Be? Overview & Thoughts

Happy, enhanced royal road doesnt double potency, it increases it by 50 percent. new balance will be 30 percent increase damage, and bole will be 30 percent decreased damage taken.

Our group is sticking with WHM/SCH. Our WHM doesn’t want to play AST, and she’s a great WHM anyway. That’s not a bad thing at all though. This healer combination has always been super effective since the beginning of 2.0 as Happy said. It’s just not ‘FFLogs Friendly’.

Good of you to stick to your guns! (or canes and books I guess) People should play the classes they want. My raid team has been running WHM/AST despite how people have called it inferior, and will continue to do so. This will just make those times we need NoctAST better for us. And oh the glorious card buffs… Can’t wait to get to punch something with an enhanced Balance. Glad they didn’t buff arrow, my GCD is already a flat 2 seconds with just GL3 and our AST gives me those cards kind of as a joke sometimes.

As someone who likes scholar… take away pet healing and balance them to be stronger healing to make up for it. Keep the pet more for supportive abilities so you keep that flavor if you want. Heck, I’d not mind if the pet was more visual and passive if they really wanted to do something like that (I’d hope honestly that would be the part they change for next expansion if they are pruning since personally love scholar but pet can be annoying).

Astro was designed when SE wanted to homogenzie the jobs so that all jobs would be viable in all situations. They looked at both other healers and came to the conclusion, that HoTs and shields are the defining factors of whm and sch. So they went with the most boring of solutions for astro: giving them two stances to fulfil both roles. But these are not the defining factors of whm and sch, at least not for me. I’m obviously not a game designer, so my solutions may not be the most optimal. But I would not hit scholar on the pet end but rather on its shielding end. Make shields a defining aspect of astro. That would leave us with one HoT class, one shield class and one pet class. On a slightly different note: true balance is not relly achievable. People will always maximize the efficiency of their group. And as long as jobs are different in some sort of way, there will be an optimal combination. So making all jobs viable is the only thing SE can do. And they are doing a good job with that.

What purpose would that serve, though? Since they buffed Nocturnal’s healing potency by 5% they did the exact opposite of what you’re suggesting. If Nocturnal becomes OP then they’ll nerf if, but nerfing the thing that you’re trying to buff seems counterproductive.

I like the Ast buffs. I play Ast mostly on my main and my alts I just love that job so much. I only use Nocturnal to Aspect pre pull but I don’t think I’ll go Nocturnal into a whole run or fight. I even think that Regens stack anyways and I don’t see a mitigation needed well at least into the casual/non savage matter.

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