FFXIV: Heavensward – Scholar Guide

FFXIV: Heavensward – Scholar Guide

Yes, it’s finally done. After long delays, here is the Scholar guide many have been requesting. In all honesty, I know that there are a few things that I probably missed or didn’t cover thoroughly enough, so while I welcome your support, I would also recommend that you look for other sources as well to help yourselves get as good of a representation of the Scholar job as possible. With that being said, enjoy the guide.

I use sacred soil and succor to mitigate unavoidable raid-wide damage. Use sacred soil first, then succor. If you’re lucky, the succor doesn’t cost any mana. Sacred soil is more attractive when you’re undergeared, because a 10% damage reduction can mean a lot more than a lustrate if your base heal is garbage. Sacred soil is also moderately okay when combined with Aldoquium against tank busters. You can use it when virus is on cooldown.

I often use sacred soil when the tank chain-pull in dungeons. You can precast sacred soil before the tank digs into the mobs, and it won’t generate enmity. It’s also instant cast. You can cast it in cleric stance without losing any effect.

could someone please tel me how they got the extra abilities to show up above and beside the hot bar? Also if u did have them, is it difficult to use those abilities when they are placed there?

The primary reason for doing this is to allow you to see your GCDs, like visual timers for your skills; it helps to optimize your skill usage by allowing you to know when skills are coming available again (especially longer recast time ones), without having to flip back and forth in Hotbars to check on them.

Definitely my favorite fairy for 4 man content. Pop the buffs and you can Cleric Stance basically no matter how big the tank pulls, which makes the run more enjoyable for me. I can see both being useful in 8 man depending on what the priority is (survival, dps check, etc) so it does kind of irk me that there are people who say ‘Selene only’ when it’s really a matter of the right tools for the right situation.

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