FFXIV Heavensward 3.0 0648 Crafting Collectables Guide

FFXIV Heavensward 3.0 0648 Crafting Collectables Guide

Rowena’s House of Splendors seeks capable tradesmen to procure the collectables sought by her wealthy clientele. Players can craft or gather collectable items to be exchanged for experience points, scrips, and gil. Scrips are rewarded based on the collectability of the item exchanged. However, items considered to be collectable can only be obtained through crafting or gathering.

To craft collectable items, players must first use the Collectable Synthesis command to acquire the Collectable Synthesis status. While under the effect of this status, you will have the option to finish an item as a collectable after the final step of successful synthesis.

Another good way to level your crafter’s would be to work with moogles you basically get a level a day until 57 where its a little slower for those of us who did not have all classes up high enough for having mats for collectables.

For someone who does not want to do all of them everyday and just have time to do a certain amount, doing the one with a star along side the name rather than picking up a random item to turn in might be a good idea.

This method dos work really well nice job Mithrie. My craftsmanship is 356 control 342 I am able to HQ same items you are in this video but with NQ items. Btw still lvl 50.

i think its a waste of money doing those lv51 crafts with HQ mats since you can do them with NQ mats very very easy with your 3 star rotation , the one you use for asrtisan tools :3 i can confirm it ive been doing it a lot.

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