FFXIV Hall of Novice – Final Challenge – Gladiator??

FFXIV Hall of Novice – Final Challenge – Gladiator??

Hi!This is officially my first time being in an MMPORG, I’ve always played swordsman characters if I had a choice but not necessarily like this so in short, I’m new to it!The first Raid I did I think we did fine (I HOPE SO) but I also have not completed the Hall of Novice, a tool that’s useful informative wise. I don’t want to be a player that just swings without knowing what I’m doing because that’ll burden other players!

I get so lost at the first part with the Archer continuously getting killed which means I’m not doing the class’ job, and I’m using Flash, trying what I’ve learned to acquire enmity but she still dies at the LEAST in the second section when I have to attract three enemies. If any of you that are new or are gladiators and did this, do you have any tips? I don’t plan on giving up the class whatsoever it’ll take lots of effort but I’m committed to beating this eventually! I’m thankful for any advice you can give a painfully new player!

To both of you, it took me a while and a few tries again, but I managed to do it! I’m positive if I hadn’t come to ask for help and you guys hadn’t shown up that I wouldn’t have gotten this done! I think I understand things a lot better and I’m really thankful for you taking time to teach me something like this!It made my day actually getting it done! I wouldn’t have gotten it done so fast (if at all) without getting some experienced advice. I guess I got really determined with this hopefully I can be as useful as can be with helping people out in parties, huh? I’ll try my best anyway! I was hesitant to ask but I’m really glad I did.

I haven’t done Hall of the Novice, but that’s really weird because Gladiator is by far the simplest tank. Maybe because it’s simple they expect people to not have to be told what to do? But that’s not fair for brand new players who haven’t played MMORPGs before, which is literally exactly what Hall of the Novice is for.

Anyway, to the OP:
When you’re in dungeons, don’t worry about holding aggro on every single thing 100% of the time. Almost nothing is very threatening until the Level 30s, and even then things aren’t that bad so don’t feel like a failure if you lose aggro sometimes. Just trying is enough. However, by Level 41 you really do have to hold aggro on everything. Ironically, at the same time it becomes dramatically easier to hold aggro because of a certain ability learned at Level 40, so it works out.

You can also monitor the enmity you’re generating. The bars under people’s class icons in the Party List display their current enmity on your target as a %, so naturally your bar should be full, and you can see when other people are about to get aggro. Speaking of which, that’s what those colored icons are in the Enemy List on the left of the screen. Flashing red square means you have top enmity on that enemy, which means aggro. Red-Orange triangle means you’re at about 75-90% of enmity needed to take aggro, yellow triangle means you’re at about 50-75%, and anything below that is a small green dot. Just think of it like a stoplight, though as a tank you want to be at full red.

Oh, and maybe you noticed this during Hall of the Novice, but those flying arrows show what someone has initially targeted with an action, so sometimes you can follow those arrows to the target and know that’s going to be their target.

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